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Puerto Rican Coffee

Puerto Rican Coffee
Puerto Rican Coffee

The Island of Puerto Rico – situated in the northern Caribbean, to the west of the Virgin Islands and east of Dominican Republic – is an un-incorporated territory of the United Sates of America. Though it may not match up to its Colombian counterpart, Puerto Rico still enjoys a very long association with coffee. The bean first made its way into Puerto Rico in the 18th century, and since, has become its main export. This is why Puerto Rican coffee is famous all around the world.

Apart from its enormous economic contribution to the tiny nation, Puerto Rican coffee has also had a lasting impact on the country’s cultural front. Jibaros- the romantic mountainfolk of Puerto Rico – also owe their rise to the production of coffee in this country.

The Jibaros used to work the coffee plantations for their wealthy landowners. Having been an uneducated lot, their only form of expression was music. Like Puerto Rican coffee, the songs of the Jibaros have also stood the test of time. The soil of Puerto Rico is volcanic and rich in nature. The climate of the island is also very suitable for growing coffee. Café Yauco Selecto is one of the premium blends offered by the Island. Alto Grande – a super premium blend is the highest quality coffee.

Puerto Rico Coffee

The three main brands of Puerto Rico coffee as follows:

Café Rico

Café Rico is a Puerto Rican coffee company that produces this beverage with the same brand name. The Headquarters of Café Rico are situated in the city of Ponce. Café Rico is one of the best coffees offered by this country. Café Rico also has a partnership with Tauco Estate Coffee. Café Rico was established in the 30s.  It was sold to Puerto Rico Coffee roaster in July 2008.  Café Rico is the biggest selling brand in Puerto Rico.

Café Yaucono

Cafe Yaucono is a brand of Puerto Rico coffee that was first created by Tomas Prado in 1914. In 1916, Prado sold this brand to the heirs of Miguel Ruiz, who, in turn, sold it to Jimenez in 1917. The coffee business came to ruins in the subsequent years due to the great depression and the Second World War. The company was re-opened after the war. In 1963, Cafe Yaucono undertook an aggressive marketing campaign introducing Mama Ines – the most famous marketing symbol in the history of this tiny nation. Cafe Yaucono received the highest Puerto Rican product Association award in 1985. It was also awarded the commercial prestige award by Spain in 1996. Cafe Yaucono  holds forty percent of the coffee market in Puerto Rico.

Café Crema

Café Crema is one of the three major roasters in the Puerto Rican coffee industry that has massive production capabilities. With its two major competitors, Café Crema holds seventy percent of the coffee market in Puerto Rico. Apart from selling in its home county, Café Crema also exports its product internationally where you can buy different kinds of coffee in several sizes of attractive packaging.

There are three ways in which you can take your Puerto Rican coffee:

The standard Italian espresso is brewed in an espresso machine and taken black. Puerto Rican call it  pocillo referring to  the small cups in which it is served.

Cafe con Leche
Cafe con Leche

It is an espresso which contains a thin layer of steamed milk.

Café con leche
In Puerto Rico it comprises of a large dollop of milk in a bigger cup.

Yauco, Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico is best known around the world for its beaches and its international singing sensations. However, quite a few locals would emphasize that it is coffee of this island that will ultimately win you over. Yauco is located in South –Western Puerto Rico and spans over one hundred seventy square kilometers. The population of the city is around fifty thousand. The city got its name from river Yauco. However, Yaucovans call their city la ciudad del café (city of coffee).

Yauco also produces oranges and tobacco but its main crop is, without doubt, coffee. The coffee produced here is deep and vibrant. The acidity level is restrained, giving it a rich and gentle flavor. Yauco beans are famous all over the world.

The vessel you serve your coffee in can also matter. If you want to serve your coffee in a traditional manner please consider silver coffee pots. If you prefer to serve straight to a cup from the coffee machine, thats’ fine too! The choice is yours.’

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