Puertorriquena!!! Who sleeps in the cradle of life?
Whose canopy are those eternal star’s?
Radiant queen standing fearless in a land of brave Lords
Bearing passion in her soul
And fire in the depths of her eyes
Who is this sweet smelling flower in this garden of beauty?
Puertorriqueña…. Water for parched lips in an arid tierra
In a dry and scorched land searching for waters in your clear pristine beauty
Where I Long to make my dwelling in the presence of your desires
And drink from your fountains which keeps me revived and in spirit
Please keep me stranded on this island of enchantment
As I walk through the tunnels of your soul
I touch the ancient writings of your spirit
Like Petroglyphs written in stone
Carved tales of natural wild written through the panorama of time and space
the essence de tu vida proclamar
Stories untold of passion, pain, rhythm, joy, sadness, love and hate
La Vida fuerte
La vida bella
La vida apasionado
Es una vida dios tiene unas palabras para… pero bueno
Puertorriqueña… With eyes like diamonds, Hair that flows like the rivers of El yunque, lip of a
goddess, face of an angel, small of fresh Rose garden
Never wake me from this dream come true…

Poem submitted by Angel Rodriguez
Angel can be reached by email: rangel933@yahoo.com

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