Should You Be Taking an Algae Supplement

We have all heard that health is wealth, but more often than not, they come at the expense of one another. Wouldn’t the perfect option be to build and maintain better lives for ourselves and every other living thing without having to make difficult decisions or break the bank to do so? Well, it is just your luck! Algae supplements are literally the answer we’ve all been searching for. 

The amazing algae supplements provide everyone with reliable health, science, and sustainability to reach their health goals while being good to themselves and to the planet. By feeding the world with saltwater and preserving our oceans, this is definitely the community that you can depend on for top quality and guaranteed results. 


As previously stated, these algae supplements are good for you and they are good for the planet. The algae crop from the farms does not require precious freshwater or an abundance of rich soil—all we need is sunshine, desert land and saltwater to produce our nutrient-dense algae. 

Our bodies do not produce omega-3s naturally. That’s why doctors recommend people take Omega-3 supplements to help support everything in our bodies. Many clinical studies have shown that taking Omega-3s supports a healthy heart, sharper vision, better brain function, a stronger immune system, and more resilient bones and joints. By taking algae supplements, you not only absorb higher quality Omega-3s, but you also get it from the most natural source on the planet – algae. 

Many people have been seeing incredible and undeniable results with these algae supplements. From lowering cholesterol, improved cognitive abilities, to stronger and healthy fingernails. There are a variety of supplements available for your needs and overall health goals. Their secret to providing true relief to each customer is by following the data and maintaining sustainability to protect us, as people, and our environment, as our home. 


The algae supplements are completely transparent with the disclosure of the ingredients used within the supplements. There are several beneficial ingredients infused into these algae supplements. For example, EPA, which is a long-chain omega-3 fatty acid that helps to control the inflammatory response in addition to supporting heart, joint, and immune health. They also use other omega-3s that help support your overall health, as well as omega 6, 7, and 9 fatty acids. The use of Polar lipids helps to maximize the uptake of nutrients into the body and chlorophyll is a natural antioxidant that helps stabilize the algal oil. Chlorophyll may help with blood detoxification, odor control, wound healing, gut health, energy, immune system support, and cancer prevention. All of these natural ingredients are sourced from their own sustainable farm in New Mexico and Texas. 

The extremely beneficial aspect of these farm sourced ingredients is that they are much better for heart health. To further elaborate, marine sources of Omega-3 are not the best at being absorbed by your body. The patented AlmegaPL that is infused into these algae supplements deliver 50% more absorption than fish or krill oil, making it a much better source to lower cholesterol and improve your overall heart health. Additionally, the algae does not come from the ocean, it is farm grown sustainably to help support marine life and help it thrive. By farming algae on land, they are able to protect the ocean’s precious ecosystems by leaving the fish and krill where they belong, in our seas. Krill are a key ally in our fight against global warming, consuming the microalgae that capture atmospheric carbon, later excreting it into the depths where it is stored naturally in sediment.

By not farming fish or krill for our Omega-3s, we are leaving vital nourishment in the ocean’s food chain, protecting many species such as whales, seals, fish, and seabirds that depend on these stocks for survival.

Is this option right for you?

Your brain and nervous system do everything for you day in and day out, so it is important for you to give them the love and support that they need. Healthy heart runs on algae. It offers amazing cardiovascular benefits and defends your health by supporting healthy blood pressure and cholesterol. Studies have shown that by supplementing with high-quality Omega-3s, you can drastically improve cognitive functions, no matter your age range! 

Your bones and joints are in this as well! They do all of the heavy lifting and essentially function as your foundation. Wouldn’t you love to strengthen your foundation? Omega-3s can improve and sustain calcium levels to improve the strength of your bones, reduce hip pain, and increase your overall strength. Your eyes are another area that would reap those benefits. Being that your eyes contain natural levels of Omega-3 DHA, it works to help you see in different light conditions. You can protect the health of your vision by opting for algae supplements. 

Overall, the many benefits include:

  • Better focus, 
  • Memory,
  • Mood, 
  • Performance, 
  • Immunity, 
  • Cognitive and cardiovascular, 
  • Eye health, 
  • Nervous system, 
  • And Joints. 

Take your first step towards creating a sustainable life and a happier, healthier future for everyone, and every living thing. 

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