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Hello and welcome to this new beauty section! I am so honored to be writing this piece on skincare products for and its readers as it is my first piece for another page. My name is Maria Donis, and I own Bonito Beauty Products which is an online beauty store. I live in Aguadilla, Puerto Rico, and I developed this site as my first business. I love seeking out the latest beauty trends and apply them to my current living situations. My current obsession is binge-watching Korean dramas and playing with my cats. I’ve been selling skincare products since 2018, and I am excited to mark my first anniversary with the start of the Health and Beauty section of this fantastic page.

Living in the Caribbean might mean to some beaches and sunshine, but to me, it means dealing with humidity and the harshness of the environmental exposures on the skin. Keeping up with the warm weather and your skin can be a hard thing to do for some, but with a simple skincare routine inspired by Korean skincare techniques, you can achieve an easy to maintain healthy look.

Now keep in mind that your skin is the largest organ of your body, and whatever you put into it will feed directly to the bloodstream, so it matters how much attention you put to your skin. Building a good skincare routine allows you to keep that youthful appearance for longer, and with a healthy lifestyle, you will feel you’re very best.

You may ask how do I pair Korean skincare with Caribbean weather? I prefer to use Korean skincare products because of their use of serums as a way of keeping your skin hydrated. Having water-based serums help keep your moisturized throughout the day without any oily residue. This type if a product is especially beneficial if you suffer from breakouts because of sweat and other dirt clogging your pores. If you suffer from irritated skin, serums can help you calm the redness with their gentle ingredients.

In my favorites, I must confess that I adore Tony Moly and Etude House packaging, they are the cutest! However, I fell in love with Missha skincare line with their sophisticated approach to skincare products. Compared to Clinique, this brand offers gentle options for every type of skin. But what is the difference? Missha maximizes the hydration levels of your skin with the gentlest ingredients available for a younger supple look.

Even though skin care can be complicated, I stick to five simple steps anyone can follow with their own choice of products: I wash, tone, treat, moisturize and protect. My secret is the Korean products I use because they tend to work without harsh alcohols, parabens, sulfates or even gluten.

I start by cleansing my face with Missha Green Tea Super Seed Foaming Cleanser because the green tea will help me deal with the redness and the acne-causing bacteria hiding in my pores as well as keep my skin hydrated without an oily residue. I then tone my skin with Missha Near Skin toner because it is alcohol-free and gentle to my skin. I also use Missha Super Seed Aqua Serum because it lightweight and I can use under my makeup. I then pair it with an organic sunscreen to protect my skin from the sun’s rays and electrical lighting.

Another Korean trend that I enjoy in adding to my routine is the use of sheet masks as the cooldown and restore hydration to your skin. I use them after a long night out, a stressful week, and even after long exposures to the sun. They come with many beneficial ingredients, and you can get one specifically to your skin problems. I pop mine in the fridge for an extra cooling sensation. You can use a jade roller on top of them to ensure maximum skin absorption.

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