Is Bitcoin the best cryptocurrency to use in casinos?

Ever since cryptocurrencies came out and the entire blockchain technology, the world will never be the same. This is a decade-old technology that set up the benchmark for future finances and quickly spreads across many industries including online casinos. In the beginning, not many people knew much about Bitcoin and the technology behind cryptocurrencies, but as they become more mainstream, we can now see their usefulness and benefits over the traditional fiat currencies. In the past couple of years, the world of online casinos has been dominated by cryptocurrencies and…

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How do Bitcoin Transactions Work?

Bitcoin transaction

Bitcoin is the first and the foremost digital currency, which has been debated in the market in a big way. It brought too many cryptos into the market, making things work. It proved to be a breaking of the ice for an alternative to the fiat currency in the market. It took time for the world to recognize when the coin’s value went faster. However, specific questions keep people bugged in the market, particularly the novices and newbies. One of these questions is about the transactions taking place in the…

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Buying And Selling Bitcoins Through Crypto Exchange- Points To Note

Investing in bitcoin involves choosing an exchange, confirming your identity, and withdrawing funds into a wallet. Find out who is backing your crypto exchange, in order to be safer. Find out whether this institution is located in your nation and whether it is reputed enough. A foreign institution or bank that has a bad history must be a red flag for you, and you need to shift to some other exchange. Read on to know more about using a crypto exchange platform. Choose An Exchange Platform In order to buy…

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Four Hedging Strategies for Cryptocurrency Risks

cryptocurrency risks

Avoid betting all your chips on a single thing. This is the most basic rule of investment and almost everyone has learned it. In a market as volatile as the cryptocurrency market, it is important to protect your interests. The right hedging strategies can help you cover crypto risks. Hedging has been used in the financial market for a long. You can also use it to manage risk when trading in crypto. It helps you maintain a stable value for investments in unpredictable market conditions. What is Hedging? Hedging is…

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What is an Initial Coin Offering (ICO)?

initial coin offering

Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) are popular fundraising methods being used by startups seeking to offer products and services. Also referred to as Initial Currency Offer, these are financing systems more commonly used by cryptocurrency projects. The products and services on offer are mostly related to blockchain ecommerce technology or cryptocurrency. You can participate in ICOs by purchasing digital currency. What are ICOs and what are their advantages and disadvantages? Find out in this guide. What is an ICO? Initial Coin Offering refers to the process of raising funds for a…

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Things To Know About Bitcoin ATMs

bitcoin atm

The great profits and return have drawn a lot of attention towards digital currency. The people who are not interested still know what Bitcoin ATMs are.  ATMs have become ubiquitous. These ATMs store and dispense money as the details fed by the users. The Bitcoin ATMs work the same as bank ATMs. The only difference is that the bitcoin ATMs are not so common as the normal ones. It does not matter whether you want to know how you can use Bitcoin ATM, what it is, or looking forward to…

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How To Select The Right Bitcoin Exchange?

bitcoin exchange

Good return, quick money and better profits, every investors aims for this. Beating the conventional idea of investment in stocks and gold, people are now exploring cryptocurrency. When you start to diversify your investment portfolio and plan to invest in cryptos, you must choose the suitable crypto exchange for your use. If you choose the wrong platform by any chance, you will have to face hacking, and you will also waste your precious time. You must assess your purpose of investment. If you want to invest for a short-term or…

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What are the reasons behind a sudden drop in Bitcoin?


Bitcoin is the world’s largest cryptocurrency that has every time hit new records. But currently, the price of this largest cryptocurrency has slumped by half after hitting the all-time high record of $65000 in April 2021. There’s so much going on in the crypto market because of its highly volatile market. The market is getting positively affected by every other thing. The prices of cryptocurrencies are falling after Internal Revenue Service called the lawmakers to give them complete authority to tighten the rules on transfers made in the cryptocurrency market.…

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