Ponce – La Perla del Sur

La Guancha

The city of Ponce in Puerto Rico is one of the most breathtaking destinations in the Caribbean. Also known as “La Perla del Sur” or “The Pearl of the South”, the city is full of lovely neoclassical buildings, decorative colonial homes, and beautiful fountains. The city was founded in 1692 and was Spain’s southern region capital until 1898. As Puerto Rico’s second largest city, it has long been an important trading and distribution center for the Caribbean. Its port, one of the busiest in the Caribbean, has shipped agricultural products,…

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Report: Military cleanup in Puerto Rico islands slow-going


By DÁNICA COTO SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico (AP) — The reopening of hiking trails and various white-sand beaches on two tiny Puerto Rican islands long used as Navy bombing ranges and now popular with tourists will be delayed more than a decade, according to a federal report released Friday. Cleanup efforts in Vieques and Culebra led respectively by the U.S. Department of Defense and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers will continue through 2032 at an additional cost of $420 million for a total of $800 million, stated the U.S.…

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How To Make Traditional Tostones

tostones twice fried plantains

Tostones are an absolute staple of the Puerto Rican diet and if we are talking snacks, it really doesn’t get much better than this. Tostones perfectly sum up the Puerto Rican kitchen and that is an overland of flavor mad using very simple ingredients and methods. Today we are going to have a look at how you can make your very own to tostones in the house, to give you that flavor of Puerto Rico in your own home. To make this dish you will need green plantains, some vegetable oil…

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How Financial Planning Prepares you for Times Like This

Right now, things are feeling uncertain that’s for sure. The novel call COVID-19 is impacting our daily routines and lives, from parents not knowing if school are going to be open this month and if the procedures that they are taking are the correct ones to our workplaces. Not even the most knowledgeable economic forecast models couldn’t predict something like what just happened a couple of months ago. First and most the question is what can we do in a world that is changing the way our country is moving?…

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Rums of Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico is called the “rum capital of the world” because of the long history of rum production on the island. Its rum distilleries produce large amounts of spirits for local consumption and export all over the world. This Caribbean island is responsible for more than 70% of the rum sold in the United States, which is consumed straight, over ice, or in mixed drinks like mojitos and pina coladas. So what makes the rums of Puerto Rico so special? Rum has been an integral part of the Puerto Rican…

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Puertorriquena!!! Who sleeps in the cradle of life? Whose canopy are those eternal star’s? Radiant queen standing fearless in a land of brave Lords Bearing passion in her soul And fire in the depths of her eyes Who is this sweet smelling flower in this garden of beauty? Puertorriqueña…. Water for parched lips in an arid tierra In a dry and scorched land searching for waters in your clear pristine beauty Where I Long to make my dwelling in the presence of your desires And drink from your fountains which…

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Culebra Island Puerto Rico

Flamenco Beach Culebra Puerto Rico

  Located 18 miles east of mainland Puerto Rico, Culebra Island is the epitome of a tropical paradise. Unlike many other Caribbean destinations, the island has no high rise hotels, casinos, or chain restaurants. Instead, the greatest attractions of the island are ones that nature created. With an area of roughly 25 square miles, Culebra has numerous natural areas and pristine locations to explore. A large portion of the island is a natural refuge, originally protected by Theodore Roosevelt in 1909 a nd now administered by the U.S. Fish and…

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6 Rockstar Tips for Moving To Puerto Rico

Old San Juan Balcones

Puerto Rico is a small island country in the Caribbean. It’s considered a U.S. territory; many Americans as well as travelers from all over the world visit Puerto Rico to experience a tropical paradise. Some people enjoy it so much that they want to move to the country to enjoy the beaches and rainforests for more than just a few weeks. A move requires preparation; these six tips can help any adventurer plan a new life in this beautiful island country. 1.Plan a Budget According to A-1 Auto Transport INC, moving to Puerto Rico…

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