Discover the Beaches of Puerto Rico Sun, Sand, and Surf

A Puerto Rican flag on the beach

When we talk about the destinations everyone should visit at least once in their life, Puerto Rico definitely takes one of the top spots. This gorgeous island has been charming people from all over the world for years. Its rich cultural heritage, magnificent nature, exquisite cuisine, and vibrant people make it one of the most popular destinations in the world. But what truly makes Puerto Rico so attractive to everyone are its world-famous beaches. The beaches in Puerto Rico are like nowhere else in the world, and everyone who visited…

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Crash Boat Beach Aguadilla

We had to make a trip to Crash Boat Beach in Aguadilla. I kept seeing this Yellow and Blue pier on Social Media, we wanted to see it ourselves, up close. The beach was beautiful, the water was stunning. The area was pretty beaten up by Hurricane Maria and they had no running water so nothing was really open. But it was Puerto Rico and everyone made the best of it Crash Boat Beach Aguadilla Puerto Rico

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