Bacardi Tours: Trip to Rum World

Casa Bacardi

Bacardi Tours: Trip to Rum World Did you know that almost three quarters of all rum that is sold in the United States is made in Puerto Rico? And Bacardi’s rum factory at Puerto Rico is the world’s largest distillery. Famously known as the “Cathedral of Rum,” this factory is an intriguing place to visit. Free Bacardi tours include historical information about the Bacardi family, various fermenting procedure types and the distillation procedure of vat-barrel-bottle. While on the tour you can smell the different aromas and flavors of the various…

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Casa Bacardi: Puerto Rican History and Tradition

Casa Bacardi Casa Bacardi is home to the Bacardi family’s extensive rum distillery and a popular Puerto Rican tourist stop. Located in the town of Catano and monitored by the Morro, Casa Bacardi is a fifteen-minute drive from San Juan. Once inside the Casa Bacardi Visitor Center, guides talk about the rich history of one of the world’s most popular rums, the Bacardi founder and the distillery’s impact on the global market. You can learn about how originally with Bacardi Cuba was the location of its origin, and later expanded to…

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