Loiza Puerto Rico

loiza vejigantes

Located 20 minutes east of the Puerto Rican capital of San Juan on the northeastern coast, the town of Loiza is unlike any other part of the country. Known as “The Capital of Traditions,” the town is one of the most culturally rich areas of Puerto Rico. Here, you can see how African-influenced traditions have shaped the music, food, and art of the region over the years. Loiza’s rich African heritage can be traced to the Nigerian slaves of the Yoruba tribe that were brought to the region in the…

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Vejigante Masks – Vejigante de Ponce

Carnivals and festivals are very important traditions in Puerto. Such festivals are religious in nature and represent the fight between what is good and what is evil. It is a blending of Caribbean, Spanish and African customs. Rich in culture and heritage, vejigante masks, St. James the Apostle and the cities of Loiza and Ponce play very important roles in the vejigantes of Puerto Rico. There are three major festivals in Puerto Rico. They are the Carnival of Ponce, St James Festival, and the Hatillo Mask Festival of the Holy…

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