The Highest Paid NYC MLB Players

Francisco Lindor

The ten highest-paid Major League Baseball superstars have collectively doubled the overall yearly salary record in 2021. In 2020, $152 million was earned amongst the top-ten most significant contracts, but a considerable slew of contracts handed out has driven those salaries to an all-time high of $357 million. The New York Yankees and the New York Mets are responsible for some of these lavish contracts; let’s dig deeper into colossal paycheques New York’s finest are picking up. Francisco Lindor| New York Mets|$43.3 million Ahead of this season’s Opening Day, the…

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Puerto Rican Players In The MLB

The island of Puerto Rico, located in the Caribbean, has the fourth-most active players from Latin American jurisdiction in the MLB. The incorporated U.S. territory is part of a chain of islands that have seen over 200 players involved in the major leagues since 1942. Players who were either born or naturalized in Puerto Rico were initially allowed to sign with MLB outfits as free agents and were typically handed minor-league contracts ahead of their debut in the majors. In 1989, however, the league decided to include the nation on…

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