Yauco: El Pueblo del Café

El Puebloe del Cafe Yauco is a small town located on the southwestern coast of Puerto Rico. The town is nicknamed the El Pueblo del Café (Town of Coffee) due to its long history of coffee cultivation, and it has been an important center for agriculture and commerce for many years. Yauco was founded in 1756, making it one of the oldest towns on the island, and it has a rich cultural heritage that is still evident today. One of the things that Yauco is known for is its coffee.…

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the History of Coffee in Puerto Rico

puerto rico coffee

Early Days of Coffee Production Coffee has a rich and interesting history in Puerto Rico that dates back to the late 1700s. The drink was first introduced to the island by the Spanish during their colonization of the Caribbean, and quickly became a staple in the diets of Puerto Ricans. In the early days of coffee production in Puerto Rico, the crop was mainly grown on small family farms. However, as the demand for the drink grew, so did the size of the coffee farms. By the mid-1800s, coffee had…

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Coffee Haciendas in Puerto Rico You Cannot Miss

Two people in one of the coffee haciendas in Puerto Rico

When thinking about the top famous coffee locations, you probably think of Colombia. However, did you know that Puerto Rico is also famous for these magic beans? This fantastic island has perfect conditions for growing coffee plants, which is why you can find many coffee haciendas all around it. This guide is for all coffee lovers out there! So, let’s explore the best coffee haciendas in Puerto Rico that you should visit. History of coffee in Puerto Rico Coffee arrived on the island in the 1730s, during Spanish Colonial rule…

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What Makes Puerto Rican Coffee So Special?

coffee break

Most of us don’t consider Puerto Rico to be one of the top coffee-producing countries in the world. But once upon a time, it was at the top of that list. Unfortunately, Puerto Rico currently doesn’t even make it into the top 50 coffee exporting nations. The good news is that Puerto Rican coffee is slowly making a comeback as a specialty coffee around the world. This means most of us will have a better chance of experiencing the deep and complex flavors of Puerto Rican coffee once again. The…

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The Coffee Bean

coffee bean

The Coffee Bean Coffee is a beverage, served hot or with ice, with or without cream and sugar, prepared from the roasted seeds of the coffee plant. These seeds are almost always called the coffee bean. Coffee is one of the most popular beverages in adults today. The coffee bean, itself, contains chemicals which are mind-altering (in a way some find pleasing) to humans as a coincidental result of their defense mechanism; those chemicals are toxic in large doses, or even in their normal amount when consumed by many creatures…

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Puerto Rican Coffee – Puerto Rico Coffee

Puerto Rican Coffee

Puerto Rican Coffee The Island of Puerto Rico – situated in the northern Caribbean, to the west of the Virgin Islands and east of Dominican Republic – is an un-incorporated territory of the United Sates of America. Though it may not match up to its Colombian counterpart, Puerto Rico still enjoys a very long association with coffee. The bean first made its way into Puerto Rico in the 18th century, and since, has become its main export. This is why Puerto Rican coffee is famous all around the world. Apart from…

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