What to Keep in Mind About Technology Use During Your Trip to Puerto Rico

Gearing up for a vacation or work trip to Puerto Rico? Though it’s common practice to take our tech devices along when traveling, many travelers express concern about everything from safety to the availability of Wi-Fi during their time away. Here is some tech-related information to keep in mind as you prepare for an upcoming trip to Puerto Rico. Cell Phone Coverage Planning a trip to Puerto Rico requires extra attention to your cell phone plan. Puerto Rico may be outside your network’s coverage, so it’s important to research the…

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There Are Interesting and Exciting Places to See While Touring in Puerto Rico

Borinquen Beach

For your next traveling destination, make it to the island of Puerto Rico where you will just enjoy the many tours that are available there for your touring pleasures. There is a lot to see and do while spending your time having some fun with all of the Puerto Rico tours. You can just relax while floating in the ocean on a leisurely catamaran sail to Icacos which is just south of San Juan. There you will be able to view many miles of white sandy beaches with beautiful blue…

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Puerto Rico Tourist Destinations

Puerto Rico is a place which has at least something for everyone. The highly adventurous spirited individuals can be there for as many reasons as the calm ones could be. In the Punta Borinquen region of Puerto Rico you will see the world’s best maintained golf course. Even the most accomplished golfers might get a thrill there while playing golf on the two different types of golf courses. The golf course set named as river course acts as a challenge for all the players no matter how expert they are…

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Things You Should Know Before Traveling to Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico is a beautiful country with amazing food, culture and scuba diving. Learn about the best parts of this destination, dive into some helpful tips for traveling here, and find out what to expect when you first arrive. You will want to make sure to check out the many different beaches and restaurants while you’re here-you won’t be disappointed! Puerto Rico History and Culture Christopher Columbus landed on the island of Puerto Rico in 1493, which was then called Boriken by the native Tainos. The capital city San Juan…

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Planning a Beach Getaway to Puerto Rico? Do These Things First

You can’t go wrong with a beach getaway to Puerto Rico! The beautiful beaches, friendly culture, and exciting things to explore make this place the perfect vacation spot. However, there are a few things you can do to prepare for the climate, activities, and people that will ensure the best trip possible. Prepare for the Heat Puerto Rico is notoriously hot! According to Climates to Travel, the tropical climate of this island makes for some significant heat, year-round—though May to October is more humid than the rest of the year…

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Rincon Puerto Rico

Jobos Beach RIncon Puerto Rico

There is a surfer’s paradise on the northwest corner of Puerto Rico where the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean collide. There lies the city of Rincon, famous for its stunning beaches, surfable waves, and laid-back ambiance. While the area is a great spot to live and a popular vacation destination throughout the year, the city really comes to life during the November – April surfing season when surfers from all over the world converge on its beaches. Rincon Puerto Rico, named after 16th century landowner Don Gonzalo Rincon, gained…

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Culebra Island Puerto Rico

Flamenco Beach Culebra Puerto Rico

  Located 18 miles east of mainland Puerto Rico, Culebra Island is the epitome of a tropical paradise. Unlike many other Caribbean destinations, the island has no high rise hotels, casinos, or chain restaurants. Instead, the greatest attractions of the island are ones that nature created. With an area of roughly 25 square miles, Culebra has numerous natural areas and pristine locations to explore. A large portion of the island is a natural refuge, originally protected by Theodore Roosevelt in 1909 a nd now administered by the U.S. Fish and…

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Luquillo Beach – One of the Best Beaches in Puerto Rico

Luquillo Beach is a beautiful public beach boasting more than a mile of shimmering sand along the northeast coast of Puerto Rico. The beach is considered one of the best places for Caribbean vacations due to the numerous amenities available to visitors. Luquillo Beach is very popular with both locals and tourists during the summer months and on weekends, so it is best to arrive early if you want to secure a good spot. One of the best features of Luquillo Beach is its gentle waves, making it a great…

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6 Must-See Destinations To Visit in Puerto Rico

You have a long weekend coming up. You want to use that time to take in a different culture and see a new part of the world you’ve never been to. The problem is, your passport isn’t current and you need a destination you can visit within days, not weeks or months. That means places like Mexico, France or Australia are off the table. Even with that, you have a lot of interesting options. One such option is a trip to the beautiful and bustling islands of Puerto Rico. Because…

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