How to Explore Puerto Rico Like a Local

A place to start if you want to explore Puerto Rico like a local

Rum and sandy beaches, crowded nightlife, and amazing breakfasts… Puerto Rico is a whole package you won’t regret spending your vacation on. However, if you want to get to know all the magic of Isla del Encanto, you’ll want to do it like locals. Here’s how to explore Puerto Rico like a local and truly experience its spirit. Find beaches with no name The coastline of Puerto Rico is dotted with stunning beaches with powdery white sand and turquoise sea. Even though there are some fantastic ones in Vieques (another…

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The Most Romantic Things to Do in Puerto Rico

Sea landscape of Fajardo, Puerto Rico

If you’re planning a honeymoon or just a romantic weekend getaway, Puerto Rico might be your ideal choice. The tropical surroundings, golden-sand beaches, and luxurious hotel accommodations make the perfect setting to spend a few lazy days lounging around with your significant other. But that’s not all this island has to offer. The island of Puerto Rico is also filled with endless opportunities for those couples who enjoy a little more adventure. So, whether you’re a beach bum or an adrenaline junkie, you’re guaranteed to find something you like on…

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Puerto Rico Travel: 6 Things to See, Do & Explore in Puerto Rico

old san juan buildings

Puerto Rico is a US territory and a tiny Caribbean Island, known for its cultural identity, natural beauty, beaches, gastronomy, and music. During spring break, tourists flock to this island to make the most of it. Whether it is beaches or historic museums, this island has so much to offer. No matter if you are looking for a relaxed holiday or some adrenaline-filled adventure, Puerto Rico has everything for everyone. When you visit Puerto Rico, be sure to include the following activities on your itinerary. Adventure in El Yunque National…

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Do You Need A Passport To Go To Puerto Rico?

Puerto Rico Circular Flag with Visa Application Titles

Do you still remember the last time you enjoyed the beauty and relaxing ambiance of the Caribbean? If you don’t, then you might need to visit Latin America once more to experience a vacation like no other. So, go ahead and plan your next refreshing and historical trip with your family and friends.  Puerto Rico is located in the region of Latin America in the Caribbean, and it is known as one of the most popular destination spots in the world, and for good reasons. In this tiny nation, you’ll…

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There Are Interesting and Exciting Places to See While Touring in Puerto Rico

Borinquen Beach

For your next traveling destination, make it to the island of Puerto Rico where you will just enjoy the many tours that are available there for your touring pleasures. There is a lot to see and do while spending your time having some fun with all of the Puerto Rico tours. You can just relax while floating in the ocean on a leisurely catamaran sail to Icacos which is just south of San Juan. There you will be able to view many miles of white sandy beaches with beautiful blue…

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Top Attractions to Visit in Puerto Rico

puerto rico

Puerto Rico is a fantastic island nation ideal for tourism. The fact is that most of the coastal area of the main island has beautiful beaches and rocky cliffs. Surfers often rest here as the local nature is ideal for sports training. But other tourists can also enjoy their holidays in this country. Here are the top attractions to visit in Puerto Rico. El Yunque National Forest If you love the jungle, then you should visit El Yunque. This rainforest will surprise you with a variety of flora and fauna.…

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Puerto Rico Tourist Destinations

Puerto Rico is a place which has at least something for everyone. The highly adventurous spirited individuals can be there for as many reasons as the calm ones could be. In the Punta Borinquen region of Puerto Rico you will see the world’s best maintained golf course. Even the most accomplished golfers might get a thrill there while playing golf on the two different types of golf courses. The golf course set named as river course acts as a challenge for all the players no matter how expert they are…

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Eco-Friendly Meetings

This article first appeared on Now more than ever, Discover Puerto Rico and its partners are committed to providing sustainable solutions that work for meeting professionals and the planet, too. Here are some smart ideas to help you lessen your meeting’s environmental footprint and benefit the local communities. Aerial view Puerto Rico’s Convention District. Book a Green Venue The lush rainforest isn’t the only thing that’s green: hotels and meeting venues around Puerto Rico are leading the industry in earth-friendly practices. Beyond being the most technologically advanced meeting venue…

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How to Make the Most of Your Time in Puerto Rico

Whether it’s your first time in Puerto Rico or you’re a frequent visitor, you’ll always find wonders and excitement to discover. The unique blend of cultures making up Puerto Rico is expressed in the food, music, and lifestyle of both cities and countryside. Add to that 300 miles of coastline and beautiful nature preserves, and each visit offers a time to remember. Immerse Yourself in the Local Culture The best way to know Puerto Rico is to immerse yourself in the local culture. The capital of San Juan has historical…

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Things You Should Know Before Traveling to Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico is a beautiful country with amazing food, culture and scuba diving. Learn about the best parts of this destination, dive into some helpful tips for traveling here, and find out what to expect when you first arrive. You will want to make sure to check out the many different beaches and restaurants while you’re here-you won’t be disappointed! Puerto Rico History and Culture Christopher Columbus landed on the island of Puerto Rico in 1493, which was then called Boriken by the native Tainos. The capital city San Juan…

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