5 Puerto Rican Dishes You Shouldn’t Miss on a Miami Food Tour

Travelling is probably one of the most pleasant activities. It takes us of the monotony, providing with the chance to try different things and meet people from different cultures. Furthermore, travel give us the opportunities to learn about other cultures and their way of living. Aside from visiting a city’s main attractions and enjoying the nightlife, taking food tours is an excellent way of getting an insight into a place’s customs. According to the World Food Travel Association (WDTA), “food tourism is the act of travelling for a taste of…

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6 Foods You Must Try in Puerto Rico


Ay-ay-ay-ay-ay-ay – Puerto Rico. An excellent way to start. I’d rather leave the emotion marinating somewhere around the chest/soul area. But I can’t; I’m here to tell you all about this magnificent country. Oh. Wait. Puerto Rico is not a country. It’s not a country?! No, sir/madam. Extraordinary, isn’t it? Puerto Rico is actually governed by the U.S. It’s what we call “commonwealth .”But nothing about it is common (unless we categorize exceptionality as something fairly ordinary). Dating all the way back to 1493. and Christopher Columbus, this Caribbean paradise…

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Preserving our traditional Puerto Rican cuisine

Eris Carriga

Preserving our traditional Puerto Rican cuisine. . . by Erisbelia Garriga Traditional Puerto Rican Food Each ethnic group considers its own typical cuisine as the best food in the world.  At the same time virtually all cuisines have had foreign influence.  Puerto Rican cuisine has been no different, with contributions from Spanish, French, African and more recently American food.  One pillar of Puerto Rican cooking is its seasoning, sofrito, which gives it its distinctive flavor. I was born and raised in Aguadilla, Puerto Rico.  I grew up among women who…

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