The Best Builds for Kodi 19.3 Matrix

Most Kodi users choose this device because of the high personalization options. You can install the apps, add-ons, and anything else you would like. You can customize how it looks and find the best build that suits you. There are many options available for Kodi 19.3 Matrix, and now we will show you some of the best ones.

What is a Kodi build?

A build for Kodi is something that everyone loves to use because it is so helpful. With the help of builds, you can get your Kodi up and running in a matter of minutes. This is because the build itself will do the most complicated part without you needing to do almost anything. Each different one will come with preinstalled addons, interface skins, settings, and more. 

To take advantage of the best builds for Kodi, you need to make sure to update the latest Kodi 19.3 Matrix on FireStick. Kodi is a very powerful media player and is very popular to be used in combination with FireStick. This is because you will have access to the FIreStick functionalities, which are just fantastic, and also Kodi will give you many personalization options. 

A build will allow you actually to set up your Kodi just with one click. You will choose the build that suits you and everything you need with it. Of course, you will be able to add more addons or change the skin, but you will avoid the time and effort you will need to do the whole initial setup yourself.

Which are the Best Builds for Kodi 19.3 Matrix?

There is probably no perfect build for Kodi, but many ones will make your life easier. After that, you will be able to customize your Kodi build and make it the perfect one for yourself. However, there are so many great options to start with. Keep reading to find some of them.

  • Ezzermacs Build — This build is probably one of the top 5 out there. Ezzermacs Build includes a variety of add-ons, and of course, the most popular ones are included. Another great aspect is that this set of addons is updated regularly, and you can rest assured you are not going to miss another great hit. The interface is very simple, and it is easy to get the hang of it.
  • Fallout — This is a considerably new build that is getting more and more popular. cMaN is the creator, which is already saying something. It will offer you many addons and categorization options like movies, TV series, favorites, skins, etc.
  • Element Kodi Build — This build is just stunning and very powerful. The preinstalled addons will be more than enough for you to enjoy quality entertainment.
  • Matrix — Well, you can guess a lot about this build by the name. The categories are the standard movies, series, additional add-ons, etc. It is very easy to work with, and as you can imagine, the default screen will really make you feel like you are in the Matrix. 
  • No Limits Magic — If you are using FireStick, this is definitely a build you need to try out. The interface is very user-friendly, and you will get used to it quite quickly. And it is packed with so many addons. Since it is one of the most used builds, you can rest assured that it is updated frequently. 
  • Grindhouse Build — This is a very, let’s say, attractive build. It is very highly rated by users. Of course, you will find all the addons you want. The skin, as we said, is very attractive and will make entertainment a bit sexier.
  • Alienware — Again, a very nice build you can try out. There are not so many compatible builds with Kodi 19 and the addons for it, but this one works very smoothly and won’t cause you any issues.
  • Cosmic One — If you use Kodi on a FireStick, give Cosmic One build a try. It also supports the highest broadcasting quality, if this is important for you. The categories are the most common ones but are very well organized. You will also find very well-structured subcategories. 
  • Dominus Kodi Build — This is a great build that also contains the CellarDoorTV build inside itself. Also, many popular add-ons are included, but the thing that makes people like Dominus is the great interface.


Builds are very useful for any Kodi user. You will be able to set up your device in a second, and you can switch between different builds whenever you want to. Whichever you choose you will have some many means of entertainment so go on and enjoy. 

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