The Best Puerto Rican Recipes that You Should Try

Puerto Rico is mainly known for its delightful beaches – almost everyone reading this article would love to spend their next holiday listening to traditional Puerto Rican music on one of the country’s beaches.

However, real Puerto Rico fans know that the country’s food is also something worth dying for – delightful beaches and delicious dishes!

If you want to know/learn more about Puerto Rico and its cuisine, then you’re in just the right place, as we’re about to introduce you to the best Puerto Rican recipes that you should – in fact, must – try!


Piononos will probably become your children’s favorites – mainly because the rolls look so cute and delicious! 

To make piononos, you have to pick a tender plantain, fill it with some tasty beef, and then roll it up. You can eat them anytime you want throughout the day – this makes Piononos the perfect replacement for any unhealthy snacks. 

Serenata de Bacalao

Although Serenata de Bacalao is mainly a salad – it is not your usual salad. It combines a variety of unusual ingredients – tomatoes, bell peppers, eggs, and so on -, as well as the country-specific salted cod.

The latter element does a great job of providing the salad with an intense flavor that not everyone may be fond of!


At first sight, people may believe that this dish is simply a color-less lasagna. However, it is a bit more.

This recipe consists of ground beef layered on top of plantains. Basically, you take a lasagna and switch the pasta sheets with plantains. The best thing about this dish is that it can satisfy/feed the entire family!


The next recipe on our list can make for a great snack between any two meals – just like the aforementioned piononos.

To make the Puerto Rican fritters, you take the now-common plantain and cook it together with some taro root. The fritters are then accompanied by the fillings of your choice.

The multitude of fillings makes the alcapurrias everybody’s favorite dish!

Arroz con Gandules

Now, let’s take a look at yet another dish that can satisfy an entire family! Arroz con Gandules is basically pork, sofrito, and peas cooked together with rice.

Due to its consistency, this dish makes the ideal base for any toppings that you could think of, from the traditional Puerto Rican seafood/pork to your country’s traditional toppings as well. 

The Bottom Line

Even though some of your country’s recipes may resemble some of the above, it goes without saying that no other country prepares food like Puerto Rico! As such, be extremely careful when following a Puerto Rican recipe so that you get the best result – and ideal taste!

If you find yourself on a Puerto Rican cuisine rampage and start feeling a little heavy, you can try complementing your dishes with some premium hemp CBD oil as it promotes overall body wellbeing, as well as a healthy appetite – so that you can enjoy even more Puerto Rican dishes!

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