new york city billboards

If you have been to New York City, you have probably seen the big, bold, and beautiful billboards that light up the sky. Seeing the beautiful neon signs in Time Square at night is such a sight to behold, but it can be quite a costly sight as well. Read on to learn about the cost of a New York City Billboard and to learn about the types of billboards that are available in The Big Apple.

Types of Billboards in NYC

There are several different kinds of New York billboards, and each one can reach a wide audience. According to Times Square NYC, there are anywhere from 380,000 to 460,000 people that go through Times Square alone on a daily basis, so these ads are coveted space for advertisers. Let’s learn about some of the different types of billboards that are available in NYC.

Digital Billboards and Signage

Digital billboards are some of the most sought after displays for advertisers, as these high-tech installations glow with LEDs and HD displays, and are truly captivating. These digitized billboards and signs are truly a marketer’s dream, as the signs can display everything from colorful graphics, photos, text, and even video, all on a timed loop. 

Times Square advertising receives around 1.5 million impressions day to day, due to pedestrians, social media, TV, and shows in the area, which makes this an advertiser’s dream. For New Years Eve each year, the streets of Times Square are filled with people to watch the ball drop. After all of the appearances from TV shows, concerts, and movies are factored in, those billboards are seen by around 150 million people each year.

So while they are very grand, digital billboards in areas like Time Square can cost a pretty penny. If you are looking to buy a Times Square billboard for one day, it typically costs anywhere between $5,000 and $50,000. If you are looking to buy advertising space on one of these billboards, costs typically range between $1 million and $4 million a year, and depending on the size and location of the sign, this number could go even higher.

However, if you are looking at costs of a digital billboard in other parts of NYC, the price is a bit cheaper, and usually starts around $725, and goes up from there.

All in all, there are hundreds of digital billboard locations all across New York City, and they can be a great option for advertisers.

Traditional Static Billboards

As for static billboards, these are typically also very large displays that can be seen by pedestrians, people sitting in traffic in the city or on major highways, and they offer 24/7 exposure of an advertisement. Unlike the digital billboards, traditional static billboards do not have to share ad space. While traditional billboards may not have as vibrant of colors as digital billboards, they can still be used in very creative ways.

The cost of a traditional static billboard in NYC is definitely cheaper than a digital billboard, with costs starting at around $200, and the average cost being around $2.5 thousand for a four week long campaign. 


New York City is also known for its creative use of advertising via wallscapes. Wallscapes can be very elaborate, such as a painted ad or mural on the side of a building. Or, they can be a more simple ad attached directly to a brick wall, on the side of the exterior of a building, or on the facade of a retail store. Wallscape advertising can reach many pedestrians in NYC, and some driving around the city as well. Wallscapes typically rival large billboard ads and can cost anywhere from $400 to around $12.5 thousand as an average cost, for a four week campaign.

Final Remarks

In conclusion, the cost of a New York City billboard is made up of several factors including the type, size, and location of the billboard. If you are looking for a lower cost option, consider a traditional static billboard either in the city or along a major street or highway. If you have a large budget and really want your ad to stand out, consider upgrading to a digital billboard in a prime part of town such as Times Square, Manhattan, the Financial District, SoHo, or the Lower East Side. These areas will be full of foot traffic and cars alike.

All in all, New York City is one of the hottest spots for advertising in the country, and using a New York City billboard for your next ad campaign will be sure to boost your business.