The Top 3 Benefits of Having a Family Dentist

For as long as you’ve remembered, you’ve had a family dentist. You remember getting out of class to go get your teeth cleaned and you remember your parents chatting away with them, and as you grow older, you begin to realize how important it is to have a family dentist. A committed professional that you can rely on for dental care is a big bonus.

There is a lot of reasons why you would want to have a family dentist. They usually revolve around the fact that it just makes your paperwork easier and it makes everything streamlined, which is true, but there are definitely more factors than just that. Here are the top 3 benefits to having a family dentist.

1. Easier to Get Records on File for Future Procedures

If you’ve ever needed a dental procedure and the dentist had to pull records or transfer them to or from another practice, it can be a hassle. It’s also not fun for anyone living in cold states like Minnesota. Say you moved from this Eden Prairie dentist to a new practice in Kenosha, it doesn’t take long to pull records and share information, but you understand that it’s much easier for your family dentist to have it all on file at their practice. Easier access to records allows them to have a much more comprehensive collection of your dental information readily available, which is always a plus.

2. More Familiarity and Comfortability

There’s also the social aspect of having a family dentist that makes the whole process more enjoyable. You build a rapport with your family dentist over the years so it’s less nerve-wracking to go in for a cleaning or procedure. The familiarity and comfortability of having a family dentist is surely something that you’d like to have. It helps build trust and makes it a much more relaxing experience to go in for a routine cleaning all the way to a dental implant. It also helps cut through the awkward small talk you have to make with a new team of hygienists, receptionists, and dentists.

3. Better for Bringing Children to the Dentist

An addition to the familiarity and comfortability of going to a dentist that you’ve known for a long time is that it makes the process easier for your children. If you have to fight to get your kid to come with you to have their teeth cleaned, you understand how difficult it can be to make them relax or feel at ease. The trust in a family dentist to provide the same level of care and expertise is something that is invaluable when you have young ones that need to begin their annual checkups. Bringing kids to the dentist is difficult but knowing you can persuade them based on your relationship with the dentist is a simpler process.

The benefits of having a family dentist are very important when you need to get the right level of dental care. From the social aspects to the ability to receive procedures with proper information, a family dentist is certainly a valuable asset.

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