Top 3 Casinos in Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico is a destination that attracts millions of tourists each year. It has many attractions for everyone. People who want to relax can visit one of the dozens of beaches. And those who’d like to spend time actively can visit a well-known golf club or casino The second option is great especially if you wanted to place bets after reading the CasinoChan review. These casinos are the best in Puerto Rico.    

El Tropical Casino at Holiday Inn Mayaguez

On the west coast of Puerto Rico, there is a beautiful entertainment complex that attracts many visitors worldwide. This is El Tropical Casino at Holiday Inn Mayaguez. Not far from the complex is the Eugenio María de Hostos Airport, and it can be reached in a few minutes. Both the island and El Tropical Casino at Holiday Inn Mayaguez use dollars.

El Tropical Casino at Holiday Inn Mayaguez is equipped with everything necessary for the guests. So, in addition to the casino, there is a hotel with comfortable rooms. Each has a unique design. Also, El Tropical Casino at Holiday Inn Mayaguez has many boutiques, stores, and a supermarket, as well as several ATMs and an exchange office. The hotel has a gym, a swimming pool, and a spa complex. 

Ritz Carlton San Juan Hotel & Casino

One of the greatest hotel complexes in Puerto Rico is the Ritz Carlton San Juan Hotel & Casino. It is located on the northwest coast of the island. Near the Ritz Carlton San Juan Hotel & Casino, there is the beach, which has a separate area for hotel guests.

The Ritz Carlton San Juan Hotel & Casino is proud of its luxurious casino. Yet, the casino is available for all tourists and visitors to the island. In the casino itself, only people over 18 can pass through if they have a document proving their identity. Also, at the entrance to the casino, face control is strict, which does not allow guests in beachwear and intoxicated. The casino runs from 4 p.m. to 4 a.m. 

La Concha Resort

La Concha Resort offers its services every day, except for major public holidays. There are 24 gaming tables and more than 400 slot machines in this casino. Besides, there is a zone for electronic games, where the online gaming system is applied. It is so popular among modern gambling addicts. Particular attention is paid here to the quality and fully thought-out system of gambling activities. Guests can choose convenient options for betting. They all differ depending on the table or the selected machine. On separate floors, there are great tables with high or even unlimited bets.

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