Top 3 Things You Need to Know About Pool Maintenance

A swimming pool can offer your family a lot of enjoyable times. It can also provide you with horrid ones if you don’t properly maintain them. Proper maintenance of a pool is critical if it is going to last the course. It is also vital to maintain your family’s health. There are many elements to consider pertaining to pool maintenance. However, the following are the three top things to know about pool maintenance.

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1. Water Quality is Vital

In a swimming pool, the quality of the water inside it matters significantly. A key facet to properly maintaining your pool is to ensure that the water quality is always optimal. You need to test the water quality of your pool as often as possible. The quality of the water will drop with the usage of the pool. Therefore, you need to constantly add chemicals to the water to ensure that the water quality is right. Chlorine is the main chemical that you will be adding to your pool and is one of the best things you can do for its maintenance. You should check the water quality at least once per week. You should do it more often in summer than in winter.  Proper water quality is also about the pH levels. Therefore, ensure that the pH is about 7.5, or you risk calcium build-up.

2.  Professional Service

When maintaining your pool, there is much that you can do on your own. There is also much that you cannot. Getting your pool serviced by professionals has a lot of benefits. According to, there is much you miss when cleaning your pool. However, the professionals know how to clean hard-to-reach places. They will know how to deal with the dangerous bacteria that can fester in your pool. Such bacteria may be hard to detect yet have devastating health consequences. They will know how to address the various pieces of equipment that keep your pool running. Their specialized knowledge will ensure that every part of your pool is in the best condition possible which should make maintaining it much easier.

3.  Skimming and Scrubbing

Most pool owners do not like doing it but skimming the pool is one of the most important things you can do to properly maintain your pool. You need to skim your pool at least once every day for the best results. Skimming the pool will remove all the large debris that collects on the top of the water. Such debris is water that damages the pool over time and can even damage certain parts. Scrubbing the sides of the pool is also vastly important. You will not have to skim the side of the pool as often as skimming it. Once a week should be sufficient to ensure that the pool is properly maintained and ready for use.

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Properly maintaining a pool is not complicated. The difficulty is in having the discipline to do it regularly. However, if you can do the three things above, your pool should be in tiptop shape.


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