Top Places to Visit on Puerto Rico Tours

Top Places to Visit on Puerto Rico Tours

Famously known as the “Island of Enchantment”, Puerto Rico is a popular destination for Americans who want to enjoy the scenic beauty and tropical climate of this country. The things that set Puerto Rico apart from the other islands are its magnificent rainforest, unique attractions, bioluminescent bays, mouth-watering food, and diverse culture and geography. The central hillside of Puerto Rico is filled with historical, cultural and eco-adventure opportunities. Here is a list of places you should make sure your Puerto Rico tours cover.

Must See Places on Puerto Rico Tours

Some places that are worth your visit on your Puerto Rico tour are:

El Morro

English: Fort San Felipe del Morro, San Juan, ...
English: Fort San Felipe del Morro, San Juan, Puerto Rico Slovenčina: Pevnosť Sv. Filipa z Morro v San Juane na Portoriku Español: Fuerte San Felipe del Morro en San Juan, Puerto Rico (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

If you are a history fanatic, visit the Fort San Felipe del Morro. Located in San Juan, this fort was originally designed to guard against the entry of Spaniards to San Juan Bay. This site survived many attacks during the American military occupation and Spanish rule. Ultimately, it became a World Heritage Site and a National Park. A climb to the top of the fort will give you a beautiful view of Old San Juan.

The Vieques Biobay

The Vieques Biobay is worth visiting on a moonless night. You can try kayaking here as well. The green glowing oars in the water is a beautiful site to behold. The climate, local conservation efforts and geography of Vieques Biobay make it one of the of world’s most bioluminescent bays.

El Yunque

El Yunque Rain Forest Puerto RicoFor the ultimate rainforest experience, El Yunque is the place for you. The elevation of the tropical rainforest on the Rocky Mountains, along with the trails to climb, make this a must visit for Puerto Rico tours. More than 240 plant and tree species can be spotted in this area. El Yunque is preserved by the government of Puerto Rica.

Culebra Island

With mesmerizing views of beautiful sand and clear waters, Culebra Island is a perfect pick for a relaxing weekend. Ranked as the second most exotic beach in the world, Flamenco beach on this island is worth visiting. You can try scuba diving to catch a glimpse of the underwater reef.

Old Aguadilla Lighthouse Ruins

Aguadilla is a photographer’s delight. The lighthouse was built in the late 19th century by the Spanish. It was damaged by an earthquake and abandoned and re-built at a different place. The hollow windows still provide a breathtaking view.

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