Utuado Puerto Rico

Utuado Puerto Rico

Nickname: Otoao, Ciudad del Viví”, “Los Montañeses” Gentilic: “Utuadeños”

Utuado is a municipality of Puerto Rico located in the central/western mountainous region of the island known as La Cordillera Central. It is located north of Adjuntas and Ponce; south of Hatillo and Arecibo; east of Lares; and west of Ciales and Jayuya. In land area it is the third largest municipality in Puerto Rico (after Arecibo and Ponce). According to the 2000 US Census the city has a population of 35,336 spread over 24 wards and Utuado Pueblo (the downtown area and the administrative center of the city). The name Utuado derives from the Taíno word “otoao”, meaning “between mountains.”


On January 5, 1987, the Municipal Assembly of Utuado adopted the official flag of Utuado. The superior green stripe symbolizes the green mountains; the brown stripe (in the middle) symbolizes the rich land of Utuado, and the bottom clear blue stripe is symbol of the rivers and lakes of our land. The Sun of Otoao in the center is a copy of one of most important of our indigenous culture because it is a symbol of the Taíno culture. Designed by Luis A. Lafontaine.

Coat of Arms

The design of the Coat of Arms of Utuado was made by Dr. J.J. Santa Pinter de Arga and adopted in 1981 approved by the Decree Number 24 of the 1980-1981 series. Its heraldic description is the following one: In a blue field the figure of the Cemí in its original color with a silver sword, gold grip. In the head to right the figure of the Woman of Caguana, of gold, and to left a stick with a pick in gold with a silver lamp with red flame. In the base, an undulated stripe in silver. At the top a five point crown in gold, surrounded with a brown stripe and covered in silver. The banner’s inscription “City Of The VIVI”.

Festivals and Events

Barrio Angeles Fiesta – April The Agricultural Technology department of the University of Puerto Rico at Utuado hosts an annual festival, Festival Tierra Adentro, featuring arts and crafts by local artisans, music, food and plant and animal exhibitions. This festival is held in early April. Guarionex Fiestas – April ‘Feria Artesanal de Angeles is an annual arts & crafts fair held in early May in barrio Angeles featuring local artisans, music and food. Cross Rosary – May

Festival Cultural del Otoao is an annual event held in the beginning of December celebrating Utuado’s Taino heritage.

Fiestas Patronales de San Miguel Arcangel – September

Patron Saint: San Miguel Arcangel


Websites of Interest for Utuado, Puerto Rico
The Caguana Ceremonial Ball Courts – The Caguana Ceremonial Ball Courts Site, a National Historic Landmark, is located on Rte. 111, Km. 12.3, west of Utuado, Puerto Rico. The park is open 9:00am to 4:00pm, Wednesday-Sunday. There is a small museum at the site. Call 787-894-7325 or 787-724-5477 for further information.
Lagos y Plantas Hidroelectricas de Puerto Rico – Historia del desarrollo de la energia eléctrica en PR. Datos acerca de las unidades generatrices y de los lagos que la alimentan.
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Discover Puerto Rico – Utuado –  Discover the indigenous culture and natural beauty in the mountains. Covering an area of about 115 square miles, Utuado’s name comes from the Taíno word otoao, which means “between mountains.” This stretch of land, planted among dense vegetation, is the most mountainous area of Puerto Rico. Here, visitors will find a rich indigenous history alongside numerous opportunities for outdoor activities.
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