What You Should Know Before Claiming a Disability Benefit

Claiming a disability benefit is something many people will have to do at least once in their life. There is a certain stigma that is attached to claiming a disability benefit, and for that reason, many people try to avoid them. A disability benefit, however, is what makes our countries great, and they should not be avoided. Disability benefit programs allow people to still support themselves financially when out of work, and whatever negative connotations are associated with claiming a benefit, as long as your claim is genuine, should be ignored.


Claiming a disability benefit can allow you to still have a normal quality of life, notwithstanding your disability, whether it be physical or mental. This page will hope to tell you everything that you may need to know about claiming a disability benefit, including how you can make your claim, who is eligible, and what problems may arise from a disability benefits claim. If you have considered applying for one, are going to, or currently are, then you can find out everything that you may need to know right here – don’t worry about anything, for this page will go over every single aspect of the claim process to ensure it is smooth and easy for you.


While there are many advantages one can derive from claiming disability benefit, straightforwardness is most certainly not one of them. The entire claiming process can be very drawn out and laborious, owing to strenuous amounts of paperwork, and painstaking eligibility checks. While you may think that you suffer from a disability – the benefits office may think otherwise. Some things are not considered disabilities, and others are. The checks that you will have to undergo to receive a disability benefit can be very laborious and painstaking, and very personal. You will be required to attend a physical assessment wherein you may have to perform a series of physical acts to determine your eligibility – such as touching your toes, walking in a straight line, and doing jumping jacks. If you are unable to perform these acts, you may be eligible.

Mental Disabilities

Mental disabilities are a bit of a gray area when it comes to applying for disability benefits. You may be eligible for some forms of benefit, and not eligible for others. Most forms of disability benefit have components, and your mental health may meet one component, and not another. It is worth doing your research before attending your benefit assessment to establish what you may be entitled to, and what you may not, so you can ensure that you do not end up applying for the wrong benefit or making an unnecessary claim.

Legal Advice

When it comes to the benefit claiming process, it may be worth seeking out legal advice. There are times amidst the claimant process wherein you may be denied or turned away for reasons you feel to be silly – or you may be ordered to pay taxes, which in some cases you must, and others you mustn’t. When claiming benefits, an attorney is a good person to ask for advice, should you become confused or uncertain of what’s next. There are many disability benefits attorneys who will work for free and will offer you advice. Failing that, you can contact your local CAB (Citizens Advice Bureau). Seeking advice is crucial, as disability claims can be very confusing, drawn-out, and irritating. If you do not seek advice, you could potentially find yourself making a fatal mistake that could wind up with your disability benefit becoming denied or being turned down.

Fraudulent Claims

Fraudulent claims are prosecutable and can yield prison sentences and huge fines. If you are claiming a benefit or attempting to, fraudulently, whether through an exaggeration of symptoms, or falsified symptoms, don’t. The penalties for fraudulent benefit claims can be absolutely life-altering, and it is certainly not worth spending time in prison, or paying huge fines, to claim a benefit fraudulently. A claim is considered to be fraudulent when any aspect of the claim can be considered as false. Many people exaggerate their symptoms so that they can claim larger amounts of benefit and make more money off of the government.

Claim Duration

Most disability benefit claims will have a fixed claiming period. At the end of this period, you will have to renew your claim – or claim another benefit altogether. Most times, the claiming period will be up to six months, although it can be more than a year.


Now, with the help of this page, you know everything that one might want to know about making a disability claim. A disability claim can be of great help, providing your reasons are genuine and not exaggerated. If you do need to claim, you should not hesitate in doing so.

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