Where To Go When Visiting Puerto Rico

Visiting a tropical island might be the perfect type of a vacation for you. While spending your days on the warm beach next to a crystal clear surf sounds like fun, there are many other exciting things to do while you are in Puerto Rico. Here are a few things you should add to your itinerary while you are there.

A Capital Idea

One definite stop on your trip should be San Juan. The capital of Puerto Rico, the city is full of history and vibrant color. Take time to try to cuisine of the area especially at the food trucks in the Santurce area. Try the local Puerto Rican coffees. You should also stop by Old San Juan. The oldest city on this side of the world, it is home of El Morro, a massive stone fortress that was built in the 1500’s. You can walk around this huge piece of history and learn what life was like when the Spanish first settled the island. You also must check out the Observatorio de Arecibo to see the stars and exhibits.

Explore the Rainforests

While seeing the beaches might have you considering financing a pool, you might consider going inland while in Puerto Rico. Go hiking and enjoy the beautiful scenery of the El Yunque National Forest, the only rainforest in the United States Park Service. There you will see many colorful parrots occupying the trees along the trail. Explore the many cave systems like the Camuy River or Window Cave. You can take a swim in the clear waters of El Charco Azul. Once you’ve had a cup of coffee, visit the fields that the beans are grown in at the Coffee Zone in Toro Negro. Experience multiple climate systems as you visit the Humacao Nature Preserve. While you are there you will see multiple iguanas while walking through swamplands and lagoons. And don’t forget your outdoor gear when you are on your Outdoor Adventures.

Dive Into the Oceans

There are many things to do in the ocean aside from the beach. Scuba dive among the sea turtles or use those skills to study the wrecks that rest along the ocean floor. These ships have been there since the sixteenth century and contain a great deal of history. Take a boat out on Mosquito Bay at night to watch the luminescent fish glow below you as you paddle. Sail out to Cayo Santiago to observe the monkeys there, the only occupants who live there.

Learn a Little History

The city of Ponce holds a deep history of Puerto Rico among its unique buildings and multiple museums. Study cave markings that predate the Spanish at Cueva de Indio or walk around San German. This town was also built when the settlers arrived and holds quite a bit of history in its cathedrals and houses. You can also learn more about the Spanish settlers at Mayaguez. While this town is difficult to get to, you will learn quite a bit about life back then among the brightly colored buildings. You can also witness a time before the settlers by stopping by Tanio Stonehenge, a monument set up by the original people that occupied Puerto Rico.

Find a Fun Place To Stay

While you are in Puerto Rico, you can indulge your adventure while choosing your lodging. Spend the night in a treehouse mounted to a tree in the rainforest. Find a beachside cabin either among other tourists or off by yourself. Revel in the history of the island by choosing a hotel in San Juan. Here you can also enjoy the nightlife and great food of the city. Find a place that is enclosed or enjoy the nature around you by selecting and open air villa. Rent a home in the mountains and enjoy the beauty of the island around you. You can also sleep on the water by reserving a houseboat to spend your vacation on so you can enjoy the water all day.

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