Your First Steps as a Golf Player: How to Choose a Perfect Club

Golf is not just competitive but a leisure sport. Players play golf as their hobby and downtime to relieve stress. People are venturing on trying golf despite the lack of knowledge and experience.

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Being a beginner in anything can be terrifying and nerve-racking. Trying out golf from scratch can be intimidating as this sport requires technical skills to master. But before your get to practice, you need to be well equipped.

Types Of Golf Clubs

There are different types of golf clubs that you should know about. When playing golf, you do not stick to one type of club. You have to use different ones depending on the shot you are taking. A set of golf clubs would consist of:

  • Drivers or Woods
  • Iron
  • Wedge
  • Hybrids
  • Putter

Drivers are usually the first clubs you will use for the game. It is used for long shots. It is easy to spot a driver since it has the largest head among all the clubs.

Iron clubs are used when you are almost at the green, ranging about 200 yards away. This club is numbered starting from 3 to 9, lower numbered irons are harder to hit thus, higher numbered are preferable for beginners.

Wedges are a subcategory of irons, special irons so they say. These are usually used for certain situations like getting out of the bunker. Its specific loft angle helps in creating shots that will up your game.

There is also a fairly new type of club which is being preferred to be used than irons. Hybrids are a combination of woods and iron clubs. Golfers would rather use some hybrid clubs rather than irons because it is easier to use and handle.

Putters are easily neglected but very important for any golfer. It’s used when you are at the green near the hole already.

Factors To Consider When Choosing Your Clubs

As a beginner, the first thing you need to do is learn about yourself. What is your swing and level of play? Your choice of a club should be based on what would suit you and not just any club. There are certain characteristics of a club that you have to consider so your performance will not be altered:

  • Length
  • Loft
  • Grip
  • Head

The length of the shaft differs for men and women. When choosing the right length, base it on your height. You want to have the right distance between your hand and the ball.

The loft and head usually depend on the type of club you are using. But for beginners, it is better to use higher loft and shallow faced clubs to help you with your swing.

The grip is also important because it is a big factor that affects your handle of the club. Too thin and thick grips can affect your swing. Make sure your middle and ring fingers can reach and touch your thumb lightly when holding the club. If it overlaps or doesn’t touch, that’s a sign of a wrong grip.

Less is more when it comes to playing golf. You get to win the game with the right club by your side. Take your time learning what is right for you. Make sure to take into consideration the characteristic of the club before using it. Each club is specific and unique but also keep in mind that these clubs can be customized to fit you.

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