Comité Noviembre’s 2018 National Puerto Rican Artisan Fair & Book Expo

Comité Noviembre’s 2018  National Puerto Rican Artisan Fair & Book Expo

Comité Noviembre’s 2018 National Puerto Rican Artisan Fair & Book Expo Saturday, November 17, 2018 You are invited to apply for Comité Noviembre’s National Puerto Rican Artisans Fair & Exhibit and Fifth Annual Puerto Rican Authors Book Expo. Please fill out the 2018 application form and submit. Applications will be accepted by mail until… Friday, November […]

Financial Technology That Invests in Puerto Ricans’ Wealth Health

For a territory that yields a 50% poverty rate, Puerto Rico has decided to invest in the people of their community as well as technology and has projected more than $1.5 billion in restructuring costs through the fiscal year 2023. With foundations in place in order to reconstruct the country’s financial institutions and restore health to […]

Tackling Puerto Rico’s Road Safety Problem

Despite being up-to-date with some of the most progressive road safety regulations, such as the ban on mobile phones, Puerto Rico features poorly in terms of road safety. While statistics from the North American Law Enforcement Liaison show the effective rate of 8.4 deaths per 100,000 people – better than the US average of over […]

Improving Healthcare By Increasing Your Iron Intake

It is has now been one year since the devastation of Hurricane Maria, and the Puerto Rican healthcare system is still rebuilding. While in some ways it finds itself at the cutting edge, involved in trialing drone technology for delivering medicines to remote areas, in others it remains vastly overburdened.  As Puerto Ricans look to their own future with prudent […]

Top Tips For Managing Your Money In An Uncertain Environment

Puerto Rico’s economy has seen its fair share of problems in recent years. From government debt problems to the end of tax breaks which used to benefit the territory, times have been a little tough here. And with Bloomberg reporting that there are still problems to come, it’s important to make sure your personal finance goals are updated to take […]

5 Must-Have Traditional Puerto Rican Dishes

5 Must-Have Traditional Puerto Rican Dishes

The flavor of Puerto Rico presents itself in many ways. You can find it in the way the people of this island nation love family, friends, and good conversation. It can be seen in the brightly-colored traditional clothing they wear and the fast-paced dance styles they prefer (merengue, plana, etc.). And it can be heard […]

Puerto Rican Recipes – Puerto Rican Food

Puerto Rican Recipes – Puerto Rican Food

Puerto Rican Kitchen Essentials If you go into the kitchen of a Puerto Rican person whether they live in San Juan, New York, Chicago or Florida, there are 10 items you will find in every one of those kitchens. You can’t cook Puerto Rican food for Puerto Rican Recipes if you don’t have these items. […]