Upcoming Events in the Puerto Rican Community

2024 Florida Puerto Rican Parade

Downtown Orlando April 27th 20204 Dedicated to the town of Juncos The Florida Puerto Rican Parade, Festival and related activities were established to promote the Puerto Rican community culture, heritage, values and its contributions to the State of Florida. It is our goal to promote the achievements made by Puerto Ricans in Business, Health, Music, Science, Sports, Arts and Government. Puerto Ricans from throughout Florida cities and surrounding states are encouraged to attend. Friends and families of participants and spectators are invited to join in this annual celebration which has…

The National Puerto Rican Day Parade’s 67th Annual Celebration

The Board of Directors of The National Puerto Rican Parade are proud to announce our 2024 calendar! Now in its 67th year, The National Puerto Rican Day Parade will march up New York’s Fifth Avenue, in one of the United States' largest cultural celebrations with an estimated attendance of 1 million people. The annual celebration is one of America’s largest presentations of cultural pride, celebrating the best of Puerto Rican culture, arts, and achievement, representing the 3.5 million residents of Puerto Rico and more than 5 million people of Puerto…

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