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U.S. Census Shows Increase in Borikén’s Indigenous Population

Borikén/Puerto Rico (UCTP Taino News) – The 2010 U.S. Census count for Boriken (Puerto Rico) had some significant surprises. The census reveals a 48.8 percent gain over the last 2000 census in the American Indian category, which is a verifiable resurgence of indigenous affirmation among families on the island. With DNA research documenting the continuation […]

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Opinion Editorial: Native Blood in Borikén (Puerto Rico)

Posted by: “tainonews@uctp.org” tainonews@uctp.org la_voz_taino Tue Feb 22, 2011 2:37 pm (PST) UCTP Taino News – Many of us are by now aware that in the year 2000 a DNA study was done that proved scientifically the continued presence of Native American descendants in Borikén (Puerto Rico). The results of the study showed that approximately 62% of the […]

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Taino TV Launched

Taino TV Launched UCTP Taino News – In collaboration with Presencia Taina TV, and Indigenous Peoples Literature, the United Confederation of Taino people has announced the launching of the TAINO TV Network. This historic project, which uses new media outreach mechanisms such as You Tube will assist the UCTP in its focus on using communications […]

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the official website of the Mother Earth Church of the Grand Caney, Taino Religion, Taino Spirituality, founded in 1982 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania under the name CANEY INDIAN SPIRITUAL CIRCLE   la web oficial de la Iglesia Madre Tierra Del Gran Caney, religion taina, espiritualidad taina, fundada en 1982 en Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Estados Unidos de Norte […]

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Tribal Government of the Jatibonicu Taino People of Puerto Rico

We of the tribe of Jatibonicu’ and its Tribal Council of Elders and tribal members, extend to you a very warm Taino greeting. We who are the original people of the Island of Borikén (Puerto Rico), do hereby officially welcome you to our Boriken island homeland and our Taino tribal nation home page. This tribal […]

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United Confederation of Taíno People

WE THE TAINO PEOPLE, determined to secure the blessings bestowed upon us by the Creator, with respect for our mother earth, each other, our elders and ancestors, affirming and safeguarding our Indigenous cultural heritage and spiritual traditions, and in dedication to our children and future generations, do hereby acknowledge and accept on this third day of […]

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A Brief Summary of the Origin, and Survival of the Taino Language

by David Wahayona Campos The Greater Antilles, lying in the center of the Caribbean region, contain the four largest islands of the area. The islands of Cubanakan (Cuba), Boriken (Puerto Rico), Bohio (Haiti/Republica Dominica), Xamaika (Jamaica), as well as the Lucayo (Bahamas) all share a universal language with some dialectal differences. In the late 1500s […]

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Monument to local carver nears completion in Jayuya

Jayuya, Boriken (UCTP Taino News) – Master carver and archeologist Robinson Urayoan Rosado is preparing a commemorative monument for renowned artisan Elpidio Collazo González “Maboití” at the Centro de Arte y Cultura Elpidio in Jayuya, Boriken (Puerto Rico). Collazo, who passed away last year, was one of the island’s most illustrious carvers of local bird […]

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