Cleveland Puerto Rican Parade and Cultural Festival

cleveland puerto rican parade

A parade celebration of Puerto Rican arts and culture has been observed by Cleveland’s Puerto Ricans each summer since the late 60s. Its purpose has been to bring together the city’s residents and to educate the community about the rich Puerto Rican culture. The Puerto Rican Parade of Greater Cleveland carries a strong history of cultural awareness, pride, and education, led by a resilient community who’s love for their homeland, spirit of freedom, justice, and unity have never wavered.  After over 50 years, when the Parade’s founders first celebrated their Puerto Rican heritage in the City of Cleveland,…

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Why is a house move challenging for women?

Why is a house move challenging for women

With the revolutionized society, gender roles have diversified. Men and Women are equal competition in all spheres. Still, there is a unique set of challenges that are faced by women especially, those working in corporate. Common among the challenges is the house moving challenges. The shifting becomes a hectic task, and scheduling everything on time can be challenging. Whether you are moving solo or with your partner or your family, the long distance movers in Manhattan can assist in smooth relocation, at affordable rates, ensuring the complete safety of your…

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Top Tips for Buying a Beach House in Puerto Rico

The flag of Puerto Rico nestled on the beach.

Puerto Rico is a place like no other. With its pleasant year-round temperatures, white, sandy beaches, and unique culture, one can only expect that visiting this glorious island would be on many people’s bucket lists. However, for some, seeing it only once may not be enough. A lot of people crave frequent trips. Well, buying a beach house in Puerto Rico might just give them the opportunity for a getaway whenever they please. Furthermore, having a second property here also allows owners to generate rental income. After all, this Caribbean…

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