Beware of Hurricane Damaged Vehicles!

Hurricane Damaged Vehicles

Hurricane Damaged Cars Nearly a half million cars were destroyed by two of this past season’s biggest hurricanes, Katrina and Rita. Some of these cars may not have received much apparent damage but they were totaled nevertheless because of water, mud, and debris which flooded engine bays and the interior. Damaged cars are supposed to make their way to the junkyard for scrap, unfortunately some unscrupulous parties are gaining a hold of the vehicle titles and turning around and selling damaged cars to the public. Should you be concerned? Absolutely!…

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Pasteles de Masa – Pasteles Recipe

Pasteles de Masa 4 lb carne de cerdo Sal 1/4 taza de aceite de achiote 10 hojas de Recao 1 cdta Orégano 1 pimiento verde – picado 1 md Cebolla, picado 10 ají dulce – picados 6 dientes de Ajo 2 tomates – picado 8oz Salsa de Tomate 24 aceitunas esañolas Sal y pimienta a gusto —–MASA—– 7 lb de Yautia blanca 4 lb plátanos verdes 1/4 aceite de achiote 3 1/2 cdta de Sal Hojas de guineos lavadas. Pica la carne en pedazos pequeños y sazona con sal. Cocina…

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