Article Marketing And Search Engine Optimization

search engine optimization

It has become increasingly difficult to get to the top of the major search engines in recent years as the likes of Google and Yahoo! have changed their criteria for how they rank websites. Many old techniques such as metatags and reciprocal links have lost their effectiveness. However, despite these changes, article submission remains one of the most effective ways to gain incoming links that will boost your website’s popularity among the major search engines. While there are many other aspects to search engine optimization (SEO), article submission can be…

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Key Reasons To Buy Backlinks For Your Business Website


Buying backlinks is considered black hat SEO, which basically means you’re not getting those links naturally and “buy” your way to the top of SERPs. The technique is frowned upon, but actually, the result depends on how you buy SEO backlinks for business. If you’re guided by a colorful ad banner where a service offers “quality” links for $0.10 and buy them directly, this will be devastating for the SEO of your website. Such links are usually posted on spammy websites that may get you penalized. You can also choose…

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