Solar vs. Backup Generators in Puerto Rico’s Uncertain Grid

Since its privatization in 2021, LUMA Energy, Puerto Rico’s electric utility company, has faced scrutiny for frequent blackouts and rising electricity costs. This unreliable grid has pushed many residents to consider backup electric systems for their homes. Two main options emerge: solar power with battery storage and traditional backup generators. Each offers distinct advantages and disadvantages, requiring careful consideration for Puerto Rican homeowners. Solar Power with Battery Storage: A Sustainable Solution Solar panels paired with battery storage offer a compelling alternative to traditional backup generators. Here’s how they stack up:…

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New company same woes: Puerto Rico suffers power outages

Puerto Rico suffers power outages

SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico (AP) — A private company that took over power transmission and distribution in Puerto Rico this month has struggled with widespread outages and growing anger as it scrambled to control a fire that left hundreds of thousands of clients in the dark. Officials say outages had affected more than 1 million customers so far this month, not counting those affected by the explosion and fire at a main substation in the capital of San Juan. Several mayors had declared an emergency as they distributed ice and…

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