Operation Bootstrap and its Affect on the Puerto Rican Economy

Operation Bootstrap Operation Bootstrap was a development program implemented by the Puerto Rican government in the 1940s, with the aim of transforming the island from an agriculture-based economy to an industrial one. The program was a response to the economic crisis that Puerto Rico was facing at the time, and was heavily influenced by US economic policies and ideas. This essay will explore the impact of Operation Bootstrap on Puerto Rico and its population. Operation Bootstrap was initially successful in creating jobs and attracting foreign investment to the island. It…

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Economic Recovery From Hurricane Katrina Is A Revived Puerto Rico

Economic Recovery from Hurricane Maria

Many think that Puerto Rico’s economy is still recovering from the hurricane. The truth is that Puerto Rico was devastated by the hurricane, but is slowly, slowly recovering. Hurricane hit the island in September, 2020, damaging the airports, hospitals, markets, electricity and other infrastructure. It took two months to fully repair the damages. After that, the island’s economy really started to recover. For a period of four years, the Caribbean island was affected by extreme weather. Only recently did the health facilities, restaurants and industries begin to show signs of…

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