Work From Home Tax Forms

work from home

Work From Home Tax Forms: How To Store Them, How To File Them And How To Reduce Your Liability Working from home can be a dream come true, especially if you also work for yourself. Opportunities for freelancers, gig workers and other self-employed men and women have exploded in recent years, giving people the freedom, they crave without sacrificing the income they need. This is far more evident with the current COVID situation where millions of Americans are now commuting from their bedroom to the dining room table for a…

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Tax Relief And COVID-19

Much like a natural disaster, the coronavirus took the world by storm and forced everyone to seek “shelter at home” and to change their daily habits in an effort to “flatten the curve”. This meant shutting down businesses and within a week, millions of Americans found themselves out of a job. Businesses who had record sales at the beginning of March found themselves near insolvency by end of March. Despite a $2 trillion stimulus bill, the economy will undoubtedly take a bit hit and take time to recover. People who…

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