How to Be a Sustainable Traveler in Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico, the view from Cueva Ventana

With its breathtaking beaches, rich culture, and distinctive food, Puerto Rico is a stunning Caribbean island that draws millions of travelers every year. However, the island, like many other well-known tourist attractions, is confronted with sustainability issues as a result of the rise in tourists. When traveling to Puerto Rico, following sustainable travel habits is crucial to preserve the island’s natural beauty and cultural history. There are many ways to travel responsibly on the island. In this article, we’ll discuss how to be a sustainable traveler in Puerto Rico and…

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Villa D’ Palma Beachfront Retreat

Liz and John, owners of, stayed at Villa D’ Palma for a few nights in March. Our host, Rocio, was wonderful and gracious. We will be going back to stay here again on our next trip to Puerto Rico. Aguada is out on the west coast. Villa D’ Palma was across the street from the beach, which was great for morning walks and evening sunsets. We highly recommend this place if you like to visit Puerto Rico but want to go out side of San Juan and get a…

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