first went online July, 1996. The website was started to compliment a small business venture we had selling Puerto Rican T-shirts and miniature houses (casitas) at Hispanic Festivals in South Florida. We were so new to the internet and its technology that we were not very successful at selling anything on the Internet. The only thing we were sure of was choosing the domain name

Boricua is a Puerto Rican word derived from the Taino Indian word “Boriken” the name they gave the Island they lived on, Puerto Rico. Boricua is a word that evokes emotion about a home land and a culture that many world wide, expatriated Puerto Ricans miss about their island home and themselves.

What did work for our website was our Guestbook. Many visitors would sign the guestbook thanking us for having a website dedicated to them. There were requests for more pictures, more information and more contact with Puerto Ricans in their local communities, world wide and on the Island. From these requests we began adding more features, a Bulletin Board, a chat room and online communities for geographic areas like New York and Chicago, as well as areas of special interest like food, travel, art and Parades. is a small company run by 2 people, John Kobel and Elizabeth Saldaña Kobel. John is the technical back end of the website, the “Dot Com”. Liz is la Boricua. The combination of Liz’s cultural back ground and John’s tendency to be a geek worked together to build what today is The other very big contributing factor of is our wonderful audience. We get constant emails and requests for more information about Puerto Rican Cultural organizations in the communities throughout the United States, where is the best Puerto Rican restaurant in Texas, what is the best place to stay in Puerto Rico and endless requests for photos. Together, we continue to grow and look forward to many more years at the helm of this website.

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