Hatillo Puerto Rico

Festivals of the Masks

Located on the northern coastal plains of Puerto Rico, the seaside town of Hatillo is a tranquil community of undulating hills and rambling ranches. The village was founded in 1823 by Canarian immigrant Agustín Ruiz Miranda with the stipulation that part of the land be used for public buildings and wide streets with the rest sold or used for homes. These conditions were met and the resulting town is unlike any other in the world. Today, the town is a hub of Puerto Rico’s dairy industry, making the region the…

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The Cost of a New York City Billboard

new york city billboards

If you have been to New York City, you have probably seen the big, bold, and beautiful billboards that light up the sky. Seeing the beautiful neon signs in Time Square at night is such a sight to behold, but it can be quite a costly sight as well. Read on to learn about the cost of a New York City Billboard and to learn about the types of billboards that are available in The Big Apple. Types of Billboards in NYC There are several different kinds of New York…

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