The Nuyorican Poets Cafe

The Nuyorican Poets Café presents Ishmael Reed’s newest play, The Shine Challenge, 2024. A virtual reading directed by Carla Blank. About the play: Like members of most ethnic groups, the purpose of our schooling was to have us fit into the Anglo mainstream. At home and on the playground, in the absence of books, other story-telling traditions were available, handed down through the generations as part of an oral tradition. However, there was a story-telling tradition that we kept from our parents because of the bad words. They were called “toasts”…

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Understanding Building Permits: A General Contractor’s Perspective

This article aims to provide an understanding of the various elements revolving around building permits from the perspective of a general contractor, offering insights into the importance of these permits, how they influence construction projects, and best practices for effective permit management. Why Are Building Permits Necessary? Building permits play a pivotal role in construction for several reasons: Safety and Health: They ensure all construction projects adhere to the standards for safety and health. This reduces the risk of accidents during and post-construction and ensures the well-being of occupants. Regulatory…

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Guide to Buying Button Badges in the UK

button badges

Marketing has evolved over the years. Nowadays, most brands rely on digital platforms to promote their services or products. However, one marketing tool that has stood the test of time is the use of custom promotional items. These custom-branded products feature business logos and colors. The items can also have personalized messages for the customers or event attendees. Choosing the right promotional product can be a challenge, but you can never go wrong with button badges. In this guide, we share tips to consider when buying button badges in the…

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Top Grossing Casino Games Worldwide

Casino Games

Casino gaming remains a popular global entertainment, drawing over 200 million participants annually, with betting worldwide reaching unprecedented levels of engagement and revenue. Despite restrictions, such as online casinos being prohibited in several states, legal alternatives like land-based casinos, lotteries, and social casinos thrive. Real-money casino games continue to captivate players globally. Here, we’ll delve into five top-grossing casino games in 2023 for operators and punters. Slots Slots stand out as the most popular and lucrative casino game on Betway Zambia, with the global market valued at $9.5 billion in…

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Energy-Efficient Custom Homes: A Sustainable Choice

Increased Property Value According to research by the National Association of Realtors®, energy-efficient homes often command higher prices, typically selling for up to $10,000 more than those without green features. This underscores the rising appreciation among homebuyers for sustainable living. These custom homes are not just a trend, they are an investment in the future. Combining the perks of personalization with the benefits of sustainability, these homes offer long-term advantages, not just for the environment, but also from a financial perspective. Reduction in Electricity Bills Energy-efficient homes substantially reduce electricity…

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Common Aspects in Synastry Astrology: Their Meanings and Significance

Synastry Astrology

Hey there astrology enthusiasts! Are you interested in learning more about synastry, specifically the common aspects that come up between charts and what they mean? Synastry compares two natal charts to analyze the astrological compatibility between two people. It provides insight into the dynamics of a relationship. Certain planetary aspects tend to be more significant than others in shaping the course of a partnership. In this post, we’ll explore some of the most notable aspects in synastry and what they signify. Read on to learn how to interpret these pivotal…

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Puerto Rican Coquito Recipe – Coquito de Puerto Rico

Coquito de Puerto Rico Everyone knows that a Latino Christmas celebration is full of cheer and delight, good music, delicious foods and original and traditional punches. The Christmas dinner — where family and friends come together to celebrate — is an ancient Roman tradition that began before the Christian era. It was not until 354 AD that the Roman Bishop Liberius officially declared that Christmas be celebrated on December 25th. There is no other time for you to really get a chance to savor all the delicious holiday punches very…

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Quiet Florida Beach Towns

Florida Beach Town

When you think of Florida, the cacophony of Miami’s nightlife or the childlike wonder of Disney might spring to mind. But imagine for a moment that the Sunshine State is like a well-worn novel. Most people flip straight to the blockbuster chapters, leaving the hidden, intricate tales at the beginning and end untouched. In these margins lie the lesser-known beach towns, each a quirky story waiting to unfold. If you have the urge to travel this unconventional path and perhaps need a bit of help on your journey, obtaining an…

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Navigating the Roads: A Guide to Buying a Car in Puerto Rico

jeep compass

In the enchanting island of Puerto Rico, where vibrant culture meets picturesque landscapes, owning a car is often more than just a means of transportation – it’s a key to unlocking the island’s hidden gems. However, buying a car in Puerto Rico comes with its unique set of considerations and nuances. In this guide, we’ll explore the ins and outs of purchasing a car in this tropical paradise. Choosing the Right Vehicle The first step in your car-buying journey is determining the type of vehicle that suits your needs. Whether…

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What to Do if Your Adult Child Asks to Move Back Home

The ebb and flow of life often brings unexpected tides, and one such wave can occur when your adult child asks to move back home. While this scenario may seem like a lifeline, especially if your child is grappling with debt, the decision to allow them to stay rent-free and contribute to their financial well-being is not as straightforward as it appears. This article takes an unconventional perspective on the matter, exploring the less commonly discussed aspects of this situation and the factors parents should consider. Like an unsecured personal…

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