3D Visualization of Architectural Objects – Interior or Exterior

Exterior 3d rendering office complex

3D architectural visualization is a new way to bring architectural designs to life. 3D rendering service and modeling have been used in the design industry for many years, providing architects, builders, and homeowners with an interactive visualization of their construction projects. Today’s technology can give you much more than a static 2D drawing. Professionals in this field can create digitally constructed images that are as realistic as possible by utilizing photorealistic rendering styles and techniques (usually with specialist tools), which brings your vision to life.

Types of Architectural Visualization

There are many types of architectural visualization. Here are the most popular services:

  1. Interior visualization: images that present the inside of an existing building or show how a space might be used. In these images, point-of-view shots are placed alongside floor plans and elevations to help you see how your proposed design for a room will look in real life. You can also see your design from different angles, such as from above.
  2. Exterior visualization: images that present the outside of an existing building or show how a space might be used. These images are perfect for showcasing the architectural details of your design and project. They can help your clients visualize how the finished product will fit into its surrounding environment and give them a clearer idea of what the completed design will look like.

Definition of 3D Rendering

3D rendering helps in creating a realistic, digital form image of a product, room, or building unit that has yet to be created or completed. With unique 3D graphics, demonstration, and suitable camera angles, the 3D rendered picture becomes ready to use for the most realistic output.

Why 3D Architectural Visualization?

Research indicates that the innate immersive and unique characteristics of imagery generated by highly-professional 3D artists working in creative 3D architectural visualization companies allows decision-makers and project managers to effortlessly communicate their ideas regarding their products and designs to the clients thereby enhancing the market value.

Who is 3D Rendering Service For?

  • Architects and interior designers
  • Builders
  • Landscape Designers
  • Homeowners
  • Real Estate Agents


Using modeling and 3d rendering technology gives you the power to visualize your designs and make them anywhere near as realistic as possible. With various styles on offer, there is a 3D exterior rendering service for everyone.

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