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This small country is home to a very diverse world of wildlife and plants, and its terrain makes it an amazing place to stay. Even though it is 3,425 square miles in area, it is quite rich – there are rainforests and mountains, beaches and islands there to see.  The history also makes it unlike most other countries, and the unique culture is interesting too.

For over a century this country has been a resort for USA citizens, and you have the chance at a very exotic vacation by traveling there. There are a few places that are considered very nice and are visited first. Let’s list them.


This is a pretty big isle, which is 10 kilometers from the coast. It is known as a quiet and secluded place, and it is also a haven for exotic nature. It is a must-see for anyone, who likes being away from the world.

El Yunque

This is the only rainforest under US jurisdiction. This place includes both mountains and a variety of diverse rainforest trees. Unlike most rainforests, it is completely devoid of venomous reptiles, snakes and insects. This makes it a safe place to visit, and you can go there with children too.

San Juan

This is the capital city, and it is an interesting place for all visitors. The Plaza is a great place for fans of nightlife, and the forts are a historical relic.

There is also the Casino of Puerto Rico, which lets visitors upgrade their visit by making it more luxurious. However if you are strained for time and can’t visit it, you can compensate – go to Playamo Casino and experience the same thrill.


This is a place on the west coast, and it is where you want to go surfing. Tourists come to watch the whales and dolphins. The wonderful beach bars are also very enjoyable. 

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