From congress
To the prez,

My people are in dire need
Regardless of what the
Lying politician sayz.

My people are
As good as any other,

Wake up and hear my cry
My political brother.

Dropping from the welfare roles
57% Whites
30% African Americans
7% Latinos

7% this is very sad,

When I look at this number
I feel bad.

Latino’s make 53%
To every white mans dollar,

Come my people speak up,
Yell, it is time to holler.

Everyone else seems to be ahead,
Can you hear my cry?
To whom must I beg?

I need some answers
And I need then NOW,

My Latino people are ready
To learn,
lead the way, show us how.

How, how to end the
Stereotypes of our kind,

Get to know us.
Smart, good people you will find.

We are as any other,
Proud, intelligent, giving,

We want the same as you,
To make a good living.

Our cries are loud
Our arms opened wide,

Hand us the tools that
You’ve been holding back
Tell us no more lies.

If you care to look
Deep into our eyes

Shining bright
you will see
Our pride

It’s our time
Let us flourish
Let us grow
Just let us live
and we will shine!


Margarita Rodriguez

Saludos, To all my family at I am Margarita Rodriguez from Bridgeport, CT. Soy Boricua/Italiana and Proud.

The poem “Listen to my Cries” was born from my work. I teach the Welfare-to-Work programs, La Oportunidad, which is designed to serve the Latina women in our community, and the Job Search Skills Training (JSST) which is for individuals who are on welfare and need to acquire and/or enhance their skills to obtain employment. I have chosen to read this poem at the upcoming event in which I am a nominee for Poet of the Year 2000 because everyone needs to know that we “Latino’s” are tired of being forgotten, left to fall through the cracks that were purposely left for us.

The event is the 10th Annual International Society of Poets (ISP) Convention, it will be held on August 18-20, 2000, in Washington D.C. also the World’s Largest Poem for Peace will continue to be written at the convention. I feel very honored to be a part of such an event because it will give me the opportunity to voice my concern for my people.

I hope that you enjoy the poem and everyone else who reads it.

Margarita Rodriguez

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