N95 Respirator Masks

N95 Respirator Mask

Over the past year, face masks have become an important part of the fight against COVID-19. Even though vaccines against the virus are now widely available, many areas still recommended wearing some type of face mask when on public transportation, in public indoor spaces, or in crowded outdoor spaces. There are many different varieties of masks available on the market today, so choosing the best type to wear can be confusing. One type of mask that is highly recommended by health professionals and the general public is N95 respirator masks.

N95 respirator masks are designed to trap 95% of particulate matter circulating in the air, meeting the testing standards for respirators in the United States. Meeting these standards ensures that the mask performs at a reliable level to keep out the virus, significantly reducing your risk of catching COVID-19 or spreading it to other people. Also known as a medical N95 mask or surgical face mask, these masks are disposable, so you do not have to worry about cleaning or disinfecting them.

While it may have been difficult to find N95 respirator masks at the beginning of the COVID-19 outbreak, manufacturers have ramped up production and online retailers like Microscope International have an ample supply available for sale. They can be purchased in small quantities for personal use or larger quantities to keep an entire family or business staff protected.

It is important that the mask you choose fits snugly over your mouth from just beneath the bridge of your nose to under your chin. There should be no gaps on the sides of the mask and the ear loops should be short enough that the mask pulls taunt across the face. Do not use a mask if the nose wire is missing or broken or if the elastic that goes around the ears is stretched out.

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