New York Through the Eyes of Locals

New York City Local

New York is a place where many people would like to live because it can impress anyone with its beauty and sophistication. There are so many reasons to love New York as the ones who want to settle down here would be surprised about the numerous wonders the city can offer each year. Its energy and inspiration capture you as soon as you decide to visit the city or live here. People who live in New York for many years and become natives don’t even mind that they are living in a melting pot where around 40 percent of New Yorkers come from different countries and speak their own languages. However, they find a common language and cope well in diverse environments.

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Top Reasons to Love Living in New York City

Probably some of you who come to this city would like to learn about it, not from the guide books, but to find out real reasons from natives why they love living here and what exactly attracts their attention when they commute or travel around the city. So here are the top things locals find the most fascinating about New York, which would never make them decide to leave the city for any other place in the world.


The first thing that would matter for anyone living in New York is the convenience and easy access of anything they want within a two-block radius of their apartments. It refers to anything from food to furniture. Some pleasant things like spa salons or treatment facilities can be within reach, so you don’t have to travel long distances and bother yourself with reservations. Although such a lifestyle can be addictive, local people don’t really care about it. Instead, they use all the comfort gladly and try to live to the fullest, enjoying every possibility the city can offer them. And there are plenty of them. Once you decide to make a career in New York, you can find a lot of opportunities for both your personal growth and professional development.


Anybody would agree that New York City is the place where something is always going on. The city is overwhelmed with excitement and entertainment. You can bump into a celebrity in your neighborhood, and it’s totally normal for this city. Getting free tickets for some of Manhattan’s events is also not a problem. Thus, you can have a very interesting life in the city and turn any of your days into unforgettable experiences which you will remember your whole life.

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The greatest landmarks

There are a lot of legendary spots which locals proudly visit. Such places as the Statue of Liberty, the Empire State Building, St. Patrick Cathedral, and Grand Central Station are the top locations that both natives and tourists frequently visit. People never get bored to see these incredible architectural treasures, which became the icons for the city and well-known constructions recognized worldwide. In addition, there are a lot of legendary spots that you can visit any time of the year to make your stay in the city more enjoyable. New York is the city of museums and sightseeings. Some people who have lived here for a long time may not consider them something unusual as they quickly get used to these spots. However, attendance to such places as the Guggenheim or Central Park never declines throughout the year.


One more thing that attracts so many people from different parts of the world and makes the locals proud of it is the city’s variety of things offered to anyone who crosses the state’s border. That’s probably one of the reasons why natives never get bored with the place and don’t move to another city. Thus, you can live in New York your entire life and try food in different restaurants each time you want to go somewhere out. If you get tired of eating pizza, there is a great variety of other food that you can enjoy. Every neighborhood has something to offer you, from jazz club to Broadway show, whatever you feel like at this moment as New York is an ever-evolving city, and it makes everything possible to let its dwellers never complain about living here.

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