Playing Basketball For Weight Loss

Playing Basketball For Weight Loss

Basketball is one of the world’s most-followed sports, with an estimated fan base of over 2.2 billion people. Some of the countries where this sport is quite popular include the Philippines, the US, and Canada.

A typical basketball game involves two teams made of 5 players each. The teams compete under organized rules to score points against one another by throwing the ball through a 10-feet high loop. Playing basketball is a career for many people, and not forgetting the entertainment value derived from it. The sport has also been proven as a worthy exercise routine and very effective for weight loss.

How many calories will you burn?

Burning fat requires that you burn more calories than you take. However, the number of calories that you burn will depend on factors such as the level of intensity at which you play, how long you play, the number of players on each team, and whether you are playing half court or full court.

Your weight also comes in handy in determining the number of calories that you will burn. For instance, a person who weighs 150 lbs. will burn the following calories:

  •  Shooting around: 270 calories per hour
  • Half-court: 390 calories per hour
  • Full-court: 570 calories per hour

How to play basketball for weight loss

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Play in a group

Having a challenger is one of the best approaches to lose weight. You can play in teams and ensure that the sessions are not less than 30 minutes. Facing it off against opponents helps you burn almost double calories compared to playing solo.

You can also play alone and still burn calories. Try shooting on the basket and then run around, chasing the ball, and then shoot again. Move quickly around the court from one area to another to intensify the burning of calories. You can rest after every 30 minutes to get both heart and breathing rates back to normal.

Engage in high-intensity activities

Playing basketball is a good cardio workout activity. However, you will only get the desired results when you engage in actions that require quick movements. You can start with the following high-intensity activities:

  • Sprint to the other end of the court when possession changes.
  • Move around to set screens for your teammates or get open.
  • Keep up your defensive assignment by preventing the opponents from getting open.
  • Be quick to box out opponents and get a good rebounding position.
  • Always jump for rebounds and blocked shots.

Watch what you eat

The foods you eat can either fuel your weight loss journey or make your efforts meaningless. Basketball players should consume foods that have high carbohydrate levels such as rice, vegetables, fruits, pasta, bread, and rice. The portions of the food you consume will depend on your activity levels and weight. Having a meal just before a game comes in handy as it protects you from gastrointestinal problems and eliminates distraction from hunger.

Knowing what to avoid during your weight-loss journey also comes in handy. You may feel dehydrated and take sports drinks. However, such drinks are high in sugar levels, which is not good for your health. Protein bars may seem like a good option for an instant energy boost. However, such bars are highly processed and end up harming your body. Take fresh fruits and drink a lot of water during your exercise routines.

Have fun

We have already stated that you can play basketball as a profession, for entertainment, and as an exercise routine. There are rules to be followed when in a competitive basketball game. However, you must also ensure that you are enjoying the game. Having an open mind comes in handy when you want to have fun.

Getting a team that you can support in big leagues such as the NBA can be the first step towards developing a passion for the game. It even gets better if you can place bets for such teams by taking advantage of the top sportsbooks and have something you can look up to. Such an approach will ensure that you can analyze different players and teams and know how you can replicate their tactics on the field.

The benefits of playing basketball cannot be ignored, as players are known to have awesome eye-body coordination, strong muscles, improved cardio health, and increased discipline. However, playing for weight loss can only be effective if you observe the above tips

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