Pretty Powerful Podcast with ChaCha and Friends

ChaCha Reyes presents

“Pretty Powerful Podcast with ChaCha and Friends”

By ChaCha Reyes
Pretty Powerful Podcast with ChaCha and Friends

It is our honor for to offer this podcast series by Cha Cha Reyes. She is an Empowerment Advocate, Motivational Speaker and Life Coach. She is also a Brooklyn-born Latina who considers herself passionate about what she does and fun loving. She describes herself as sometimes serious, sometimes not so serious, but I find her energy level is always where it needs to be. She will talk directly to you about subjects that are important to you and her. I am just getting to know her, but there is something unique in her approach to finding out who you are and why you should be successful in your life and your relationships. Please join us for this journey with her.

Pretty Powerful Podcast with ChaCha & Friends is a self-development podcast for and about women, and everything that concerns them. Like being dumped, dealing with crazy ex-wives, narcissistic men, personal development, growth mindset, transformation, emotional cheating, affairs, almost affairs, and yes, even sex. And even though it’s designed with a female audience in mind, there’s plenty going on for men, too. All of this and a whole lot more in a relaxing atmosphere filled with fun, lots of great guests, and me! Your Latina host. So join us, download, share, and leave a review.

Episode 1. Pretty Powerful Podcast With ChaCha & Friends Introduction

What’s in store for Season 1 of Pretty Powerful Podcast With ChaCha & Friends? Will they discuss the crazy ex-wives? What about ghosting and getting ghosted? Dealing with your inner critic? Romantic rejection?  What about a bonus episode on ChaCha and unresolved issues she thought she had dealt with?  Anything’s possible on this podcast. Take a listen, download, share, rate, and leave a review.

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