Scholarships for Puerto Rican Women Wanting to Study in the US

Scholarships for Puerto Rican Women Wanting to Study in the US

Because Puerto Rican women have found that education is one of the better paths to independence and prosperity, they are attending college in greater numbers than ever. Even more might be interested in getting a degree if they knew how many scholarships are available that are designated for those of their nationality and gender. Free cash for college is just waiting for the Puerto Rican women who are willing to spend the time and effort to apply for these funds. The following are just a few of the scholarships offered for this minority group:

Scholarships offered by the Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute

These scholarships are given to students who can provide evidence of leadership skills through past involvement in civic activities. Also part of the selection process is the ability to write and speak effectively. Women who are awarded these funds must use them to attend a four year university or graduate program and are required to be citizens of the United States. The money provided through these scholarships may be used not only for tuition but also for housing, books, and other necessary school supplies.

The Sallie Mae Fund Scholarships

This funding organization has joined with the Hispanic College Fund to offer college funding through First in My Family Scholarships. These are awarded to American students of Hispanic origin who will be the first in their families to attend a school of higher education. This scholarship is intended for students in lower income brackets and covers a variety of financial need, including books, tuition, travel and other fees that might cause the student financial hardship.

Specific State Scholarships

Scholarships Hispanic WomenPuerto Rican women should search for scholarship opportunities that are limited to students within their geographic area. Many states offer such funding. For example, the Ronald McDonald Charities of Southern California have given away close to 4 million dollars to help Hispanic students who need financial backing to continue their education. The Texas Association of Chicanos in Higher Education also offers scholarships to students with a Latino bloodline. The Hundred Hispanic Women’s Young Latinas Leadership Institute is another organization dedicated to the cause of funding scholarships for women of Hispanic heritage living and attending school in the within New York City or neighboring areas. Puerto Rican women living in Florida should research the Jose Marti Scholarship Challenge Grant Fund to see if they qualify for the college money distributed through this source.

Puerto Rican women in need of money for college should begin their search for funds at the financial aid office of the school that they would prefer to attend. They should also do a thorough online search for scholarships that are only available to women or that are specifically set aside for the Latino population within the United States. Colleges will provide assistance to those who need help in filling out applications and can answer any questions about the documentation that needs to accompany these forms.

Jennifer Lewis writes for a website that has more details on scholarships for Puerto Rican women as well as funding for other minorities, such as college grants for black women.

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