Soulmates Aspects in Synastry: Finding Your Perfect Match Through Astrology

finding your soulmate

There may be some truth to your feeling of “knowing someone”.

Synastry can give insight into why you click so well with some people and clash with others. Certain planetary aspects between two people’s natal charts can indicate a soulmate connection.

Let’s explore what aspects to look for when evaluating your relationship compatibility through synastry!

The Sun: Your Core Self

The Sun in your chart represents your core sense of self and identity. It’s your basic personality, ego, and life force energy. When your Sun makes a favorable aspect to another person’s Sun, Moon, Ascendant, Venus, or Mars, it often indicates a smooth union between your essential selves. You just seem to “get” each other on a deep level. It’s like you’re shining your light together!

A Sun conjunct Sun aspect is for an uncanny similarity. Sun trine or sextile Sun for an easygoing vibe. While Sun square or opposition Sun for magnetic chemistry (just watch the egos!) Any angle between your Luminaries forges a significant soulmate tie. You illuminate each other.

The Moon: Your Inner World

The Moon governs your emotions, needs, instincts, and inner life. When your Moon contacts another’s personal planets, you intuitively comprehend each other’s feelings. It’s a soulmate signal of emotional understanding, sympathy, and an inherently comfortable rapport.

A Moon conjunct Moon synastry aspect imparts a feeling of “I’ve known you forever!” Moon trine or sextile Moon allows you to relate to each other smoothly. While Moon square or opposition Moon can inspire personal growth and bonding through working through emotional conflicts. Having your Moons interact shows a destined cosmic connection between your souls.

Mercury: Your Communication Style

Mercury represents your thinking patterns, communication style, and ways of processing information. When your Mercury makes nice angles to someone’s personal planets, conversation flows effortlessly. You enjoy chatting, debating, joking, and sharing ideas. Mental chemistry keeps your bond lively and interesting.

Try Mercury conjunct Mercury for a nearly telepathic link. Mercury trine or sextile Mercury for easy banter and laughing together. Or Mercury square or opposition Mercury for stimulating debates that keep you both sharp. Aligning your Mercuries helps you understand each other and establishes an intellectual soulmate rapport.

Venus: Your Love Style

Venus rules love, beauty, and value systems. When your Venus contacts another’s inner planets, romantic chemistry sizzles! You share artistic tastes, sensual styles, and ideals about relationships. It encourages affection, enjoyment, and appreciation of each other. This makes your romantic connection sweeter.

A Venus conjunct Venus overlay creates idealized love and magnetism. Venus trine or sextile Venus allows endearing empathy and harmony between you. While Venus square or opposition Venus can spur exciting passion and attraction, if channeled constructively. Linking your Venuses stirs a longing for union between your souls.

Mars: Your Drive and Desires

In astrology, fiery Mars governs ambition, initiative, and primal wants. The esoteric meaning of Mars indicates your masculine power. When your Mars flows favorably with another’s luminaries, it incites physical excitement and impulsive attraction. You act on your desires together. This boosts chemistry and activates your bond.

For example, a Mars conjunct Mars link is for intense chemistry. Mars trine or sextile Mars for energetic compatibility. Or Mars square or opposition Mars for a fiery clash of wills, which can fuel your passion if handled well. Charging up your Mars amplifies the erotic voltage between you.

Jupiter: Your Belief System

Jupiter represents your truth, vision, and belief system. When your Jupiter blends nicely with another’s inner planets, you hold a supportive worldview in common. You encourage each other’s growth and feel buoyant together. The relationship seems blessed.

Jupiter conjunct Jupiter gives exaggerated, lavish energy. Jupiter trine or sextile Jupiter allows you to dream big as a team. While Jupiter square or opposition Jupiter can inspire friendly competition and ambition. Aligning your Jupiters helps you see the divine potential in each other and your union.

Saturn: Your Discipline and Focus

Lastly, serious Saturn governs structure, restrictions, and self-control. When your Saturn harmonizes with another’s luminaries, you take the relationship seriously. There’s maturity, loyalty, wisdom gained, and lessons learned together. You help one another define each other’s boundaries.

Try Saturn conjunct Saturn for a karmic bond. Saturn trine or sextile Saturn lends stability and realism. Or Saturn square or opposition Saturn which compels you to reflect on the relationship’s limitations in order to transcend them. Anchoring your Saturns deepens the commitment between you.

Putting It All Together

When interpreting synastry, the whole chart matters most. But these major aspects give clues about a destined soulmate bond! Try looking for:

  • Sun/Moon connections for inner unity
  • Mercury links for seamless communication
  • Venus chemistry for romantic affection
  • Mars matches for sexual passion
  • Jupiter bonds for abundance
  • Saturn partnerships for security

When your lives come together at the right time, under the perfect cosmic conditions, that’s a match made in heaven.

If you feel like you’ve found “the one,” the stars likely align in your synastry chart to confirm it! Trust your heart, and look to the sky for guidance. Fate brings soulmates together when the time is right.

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