Staying in New Jersey for the First Time, Tips for the Best Nightlife Experience

Staying in New Jersey

Every year thousands of tourists visiting NY, Philadelphia, and adjoining areas extend their trips towards New Jersey. New Jersey is among the finest and most developed states of the US, offering great hospitality services, amenities, and recreational spots for local and international tourists. The state of New Jersey has an estimated population of about 8.8 million, which is expected to grow by 10-20% in the upcoming 4-5 years. Over the years, millions of tourists have visited New Jersey to experience its nightlife and unique glazing atmosphere. According to the statistics of 2020, more than 85 million tourists visited New Jersey contributing to its GDP and economic growth.

As the global tourist destinations have resumed their activity, more tourists are seen visiting various states across the US to experience a satisfying nightlife experience. Decades back, the flashy and attractive cities of New Jersey, Texas, and Indiana were the prime tourist attractions. But with time, tourists have shifted their interests towards other states of the US, including Michigan, New Jersey, Louisiana, and many more. Be it visiting the museum during the late evening hours or trying a juicy American seasoned steak in any roadside restaurants, tourists visiting the US always enjoy its nightlife.

If you are visiting New Jersey for the first time, you must go through various online travel guides offering comprehensive guidance. Moreover, if you are primarily visiting to experience the nightlife, ensure to book hotels near the state’s social squares and public streets. Continue reading to find out about how to enjoy the nightlife to the fullest.

Plan a Short Visit to Wet Willie’s Atlantic City

Wet Willie’s Atlantic City is among the top destinations for tourists visiting New Jersey for the first time. Made with an authentic and premium combination of seasoned liquors, Daiquiris are always at your disposal. However, it’s advisable to drink within limits, to avoid throwing up and ruining your night out. If you want to experience making your own customized Daiquiris, you can try mixing various liquors from more than 20 machines in the facility. If you are out on the street late at night on Fridays and Saturdays, Wet Willie’s Atlantic City is open till 3 a.m.

Book a Hotel or Airbnb Near the Union Street

If you are touring New Jersey for the first time, you might find it challenging to manage your hotel bookings and get the best place in town. But, it’s always advisable to pay a little extra and book in the sweet spots of New Jersey, where you can enjoy the nightlife to the fullest and make everlasting memories. Moreover, if you can’t find a decent hotel or a lodge, you can spend your days playing and betting on various gambling and betting platforms. Many online casinos are operational in New Jersey since online betting and gaming have been legalized in many states across the US.

As a tourist, if you do not prefer visiting land-based casinos due to crowds and other social reasons, you can always opt for staying back and signing up at the best new US casinos in New Jersey. There are thousands of online entertainment portals and websites to stay indulged and spend some quality me-time. Online casinos are yet to be discovered by international tourists visiting the US and its most famous states for gambling online. Every 9 in 10 individuals across the US gambles online to keep themselves fresh and spend their free time.

Visiting New Jersey and staying back at the hotel may sound weird, but you can spend the entire night gambling if you have access to online gambling casinos and entertainment sites. Since the outbreak of Covid-19, many individuals have preferred staying back and accessing online gaming platforms. However, one can visit famous cafes and bars and stay online on gambling tables via their mobile devices. Roaming in the busiest streets of New Jersey with a smartphone in one hand and a bottle of wine in another might be among the best activities on one’s bucket list.

Visit Wicked Wolf

Over the past decades, Wicked Wolf has been among the top priorities of tourists and local visitors. The place offers great drinks, wines, and a musical environment for partying with friends and colleagues. On weekends, you might find this place entirely packed due to the pleasing atmosphere and welcoming staff, loved by every incoming customer. If you plan a surprise party for your friend or family member, do not forget to get the best tables at the Wicked Wolf. It would be great to visit this place with your entire group, as with them, you can enjoy to the fullest and drink unlimited beer and drinks.

Walk Across Newton Spring Street

At times walking at night is the best therapy for releasing mental stress and interacting with the environment. While walking across Newton Street, one can visit Newton Skylands and Fire Museum, which are among the top tourist attractions for tourists visiting New Jersey. Along the pathways, tourists can enjoy relishing the best local and authentic meals prepared by the best chefs in town. Moreover, if you love wearing pre-loved shoes, clothes, and accessories, you can shop from various thrift stores around the block.

local pier

If you are visiting Elizabeth with a touring party or group of friends, book a Chivas Bus Tour. The bus would pick you and your mates from your hotel address and ride through Elizabeth’s town and famous streets. Moreover, customized events for the touring party can also be planned on the bus, making the overall tour more cheerful. During the bus tour, visitors can take pictures and create memories of famous streets and landmarks. If you are planning for a night tour of Cartagena, you can book the traditional Chiva bus and enjoy the night out with your friends and family. This booking might sound expensive, but this would definitely be a worthwhile experience. New Jersey offers much; however, it depends on the touring party and its priorities.

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