Three Kings Festival in Puerto Rico

By Daniel BeDell Puerto Ricans are a friendly, outgoing, and always looking for a reason to have fun. Visit Puerto Rico from Thanksgiving Day until mid January and you’ll find the island in full party mode. Of course they enjoy Christmas and New Years but in Puerto Rico, the really big celebration is reserved for the Three Kings Festival on January 6. The festival, celebrated since 1884, honors the Three Kings who brought gifts of incense, gold and myrrh to the Baby Jesus. While the holiday is celebrated throughout Puerto…

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The “Puerto Ricanization” of Central Florida

Florida Puerto Ricans

The “Puerto Ricanization” of Central Florida Central Florida has become a hot bed of Puerto Rican immigration and migration.  Florida now boasts nearly 850,000 Puerto Ricans in the state, which account for 18% of the nation’s entire Puerto Rican population.  The population growth of Puerto Ricans has made it one of the largest ethnic groups in Florida, second only to Cubans.  The area of highest Puerto Rican density in Florida is Orlando and Kissimmee, however some of the oldest Puerto Rican roots in the state are grounded in the Tampa…

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Andres Restaurant San Diego, California. Cuban and Puerto Rican Cuisine

Cuban and Puerto Rican Cuisine 1235 Morena Boulevard San Diego, CA 92110Hours of Operation: Monday – Thursday 11:00am – 8:30pm Friday & Saturday 11:00am – 9:00pm Closed Sunday Reservation 619.75-4114Visit their Website: Our family owned and operated restaurant was established in 1983. We have a strong local following, but have had the privilege to serve many visiting dignitaries, pro-athletes and non-local people in search of good authentic Caribbean food. Offering the delights of the islands, our menu has many incredible choices: beef with rich sauces simmered with garlic, onions…

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