Ponce – La Perla del Sur

La Guancha

The city of Ponce in Puerto Rico is one of the most breathtaking destinations in the Caribbean. Also known as “La Perla del Sur” or “The Pearl of the South”, the city is full of lovely neoclassical buildings, decorative colonial homes, and beautiful fountains. The city was founded in 1692 and was Spain’s southern region capital until 1898. As Puerto Rico’s second largest city, it has long been an important trading and distribution center for the Caribbean. Its port, one of the busiest in the Caribbean, has shipped agricultural products,…

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el día de las Máscaras Hatillo Puerto Rico

EL día 28 de diciembre, todos los años en Hatillo el día de las Máscaras, es una de las actividades tradicionales más emotivas de la Isla. Su colorido y festividad hacen de ello la celebración cumbre en la cultura de Puerto Rico. Se celebra en Hatillo desde su fundación en 1823. We were there this past December to witness this very colorful parade. this is Part 1 of our photos.

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El Museo De Arte Ponce

One of the most exceptional art museums in the world can be found in Ponce, Puerto Rico. Museo de Arte Ponce is considered one of the best museums in the Americas and was the first museum in Puerto Rico to receive the American Alliance of Museums’ accreditation. Its permanent collection consists of thousands of works of art from Europe, Africa, America, and Puerto Rico spanning from 900 B.C. to the 20th century. The museum was founded by Luis A. Ferré, an industrialist, philanthropist, and governor of Puerto Rico from 1969…

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Ponce Tour: Some Must See Places

Parque de Bombas Ponce Puerto Rico

Ponce Tour: Some Must See Places Did you know that the majestic city of Ponce is also referred to as “La Perla Del Sur” which means “The Pearl of the South”? Ponce, also the second largest city of Puerto Rico, is likely to mesmerize you with its Catalonian charm complemented suitably with a laid back atmosphere and small town flair. So, planning a Ponce touris must when on a trip to Puerto Rico. Considering that a Ponce touris likely to be an elaborate affair, you might require the assistance of…

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